Pro-Kremlin channel Russia Today says France operation closing

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Late last February, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, the European Union said it would ban Russia Today on the grounds that it was spreading disinformation about the war. RT (Russia Today) France appealed the ban but lost.

Xenia Fedorova, the head of RT France, tweeted that the French authorities quoted the ninth package of EU sanctions agreed last December.

“The funds of RT France are frozen at the request of the general directorate of the Treasury … our channel can no longer continue its activity,” she said.

In March, the Court of Justice of the European Union on Wednesday rejected a bid by RT France for a temporary train.

In a separate statement, RT France said that the jobs of 133 employees were at risk and called itself a “breath of fresh air” that covered the war in a balanced way.

She accused the French authorities of censorship and said that RT France was never condemned or sanctioned for any reason.

(Reporting by David Ljunggren; Editing by Alistair Bell)

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