Prepare such dose for ants, cockroaches and rats in the house, they will run away from the house.

If sometimes ants, sometimes cockroaches and sometimes rats roam around in your house, then it is possible that your sleep may also get disturbed at night. Many times, even the medicine used to kill cockroaches has no effect on them. In such a situation, we are telling you some ways to get rid of them using some things used in the house, which can prove to be effective. Along with this, we are also going to tell you how to drive away lizards and mosquitoes. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

There remains a danger of ant bites
There is always a risk of being bitten by inch-long ants, who tend to peck at sweets as soon as they see them, and camp in your house. Especially when these ants are red. Usually there is no place for them to come and go. You can suddenly see these swarms in the corners of the house and in bread bins. However, their bite is not very dangerous. But you may remain troubled by itching and swelling in the skin for a few days. In such a situation, most people, to get rid of ants, crush them to death or sweep them out of the house. These measures do not prove to be very effective. Therefore, today we are telling you here great ways to keep ants away from your house forever without killing them. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

drive away ants with salt
You can use salt to drive away ants from your house. By boiling it with a little water and sprinkling it on the corners of the house and the ants’ dens, they disappear within minutes. This is one of the best and cheapest ways to get rid of ants naturally. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Ants also run away from mint
During summer, mint is used in almost every house, and these days there are a lot of ants, so to get rid of them you can use mint leaves. Actually, ants cannot tolerate the strong smell of mint, due to which they immediately start running away from that place. In such a situation, boil mint with water or mix 10 drops of its essential oil in a cup of water and sprinkle it on the ants’ nests. Repeat this twice a day. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

​Cinnamon used in hot spices can make all the ants in your house disappear within minutes. This happens because of the strong smell of cinnamon. To further intensify its effect, you can mix its powder with essential oil and keep it near ants’ nests. This cinnamon remedy also works to remove the bad smell from the house. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

black pepper
Ants do not like black pepper at all. In such a situation, to get rid of it, sprinkle black pepper in the house from where ants come. For this you can dissolve black pepper powder in water and spray it. By doing this the ants do not die, but immediately disappear from there. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

The smell of lemon is also strong, which scares away small insects. In such a situation, to prevent ants from coming into the house, sprinkle it on the floor while mopping every day. You can easily keep ants away from sugar by wiping the kitchen slab with lemon water. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Cockroaches often cause trouble in the kitchen.
Similarly, many types of problems arise in the kitchen of the house, one of which is cockroaches. In fact, there is hardly any house where cockroaches are not seen in the kitchen or other places. Cockroaches do not harm anyone, but they reach food items through dirty places. Due to this, harmful bacteria reach these things, which are harmful for the human body. Therefore, it becomes necessary to remove cockroaches from the kitchen of the house. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

You can take the help of kerosene oil to drive away cockroaches. All you have to do is fill it in a spray bottle and then spray it on the area where cockroaches are most visible. Spray it there. By doing this the cockroaches run away from the smell of kerosene oil.
Cockroaches do not like the smell of cloves, due to which they run away after smelling it. You can find them in the corners of the house, in the kitchen and other places where cockroaches come etc. Place clove buds at all these places. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Neem is considered good for many diseases. Similarly, it can also help in driving away cockroaches. All you have to do is boil neem leaves in water and spray this water where cockroaches are seen a lot.
coffee and sugar
You can also drive away cockroaches by using coffee and sugar. You have to prepare a mixture of coffee and sugar. Then keep it in a jar and keep it in a dark place, due to which cockroaches come smelling its fragrance. But due to caffeine in coffee, people die due to its aroma.
Note: All the information given in this news is general information. Folk evidence does not make any claim or confirmation regarding this. Before adopting any such method, definitely consult a specialist or doctor. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Rats menace and ways to get rid of them
If rats have made a nest in your house. They are gnawing and spoiling every item. If you do not want to kill or trap them, then today we are going to tell you five methods to drive away rats from the house. If you use this, rats will not come back into the house again. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Spray peppermint and leave the rats
If you want to drive away rats, peppermint is a powerful solution. Use peppermint spray in areas where rats come. Rats do not like its smell, they will immediately leave that place. After trying this solution, you will see that the rats will gradually disappear.
Mix tobacco in gram flour, see amazing
If you want to get rid of rats from your house, then tobacco and gram flour can be useful for you. Even though tobacco is harmful for health, it is a panacea in ending the terror of rats. The intoxicating substance found in tobacco irritates the rats and they leave the house. All you have to do is mix gram flour and ghee in tobacco and keep it at the rats’ hideout, so that they can taste it. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Spraying of alum will end the terror of rats
Alum is a deadly enemy of rats. They don’t like its taste at all. Make a solution of alum powder and sprinkle it on the hideouts of rats. Due to this they leave that place forever.
Get rid of rats with red chilli
Sprinkle red chili powder everywhere in the house where rats come and go. After this solution, rats will not dare to come to that place again and you will get rid of them. (News continues, see in the next paragraph)

Kapoor will do all the work of rats
Rats do not like the smell of camphor at all. Due to this their breathing becomes labored. If you want to drive away rats from the house, then keep pieces of camphor in every corner of the house. By doing this the rats will automatically leave the house.
Remedy to ward off mosquitoes
To ward off mosquitoes, light a Neem oil lamp in the house or fill it in an empty All Out bottle, this will drive away the mosquitoes from the house.
Remedy to drive away lizards
No one likes lizards in their house. To avoid this you can use garlic. You can take some garlic or garlic cloves and hang them at various places in the house.
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