Plane flying in the sky started shaking badly, this is what happened to the passengers after landing – Plane passengers taken to hospital after severe turbulence in JetBlue flight amid air tstm

Many times passengers feel strong shocks inside the flight. During this time, people get goosebumps and start thinking that the plane might crash. Although a slight jerk does not hurt anyone. Often this happens due to slight disturbances in the weather or other technical reasons, but excessive turbulence can also be dangerous.

Recently, passengers on a Jet Blue flight felt similar tremors. This flight was going from Guayaquil in Ecuador to Fort Lauderdale in Florida when suddenly the plane started shaking heavily while approaching Florida. According to Jet Blue’s information, the situation became so bad that some people inside the plane got injured and after the plane landed, 7 passengers and one crew had to be taken to the hospital.

The National Transportation Safety Board has started an investigation into the incident. Serious injuries are rare due to such turbulence. According to official data, a total of four passengers and 13 crew were seriously injured by such shaking during flights in the US in 2022.

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Last month, severe turbulence was also felt on a Delta flight from Milan to Atlanta. Footage of the flight showed oxygen masks falling out of the overhead bins and a passenger holding an ice pack over his head due to injuries.

What is air turbulence?

In the field of aviation, the term turbulence is used a lot. This is an incident that every pilot wants to avoid. This is a very bad experience for every passenger. Turbulence is actually a sudden change in pressure and speed in the air flow, which causes the aircraft to shake. The aircraft starts shaking up and down while moving, which is called Aircraft Shaking. Due to turbulence, minor tremors to strong and prolonged tremors can be felt. The consequences of which can be very frightening. Depending on the stability of the air, turbulence is divided into mild, moderate, severe or extreme turbulence.

During moderate turbulence, aircraft control is maintained. Passengers feel tension against seat belts, while severe turbulence causes changes in the aircraft’s airspeed. Additionally, its altitude and attitude may also change rapidly. In case of extreme turbulence, the aircraft can bounce dangerously, which is impossible to control and keep stable in the air.

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