People earning low salaries have double the risk of heart disease.

New York: A new research has revealed that men in stressful jobs and low wages have twice the risk of heart disease than others. The study published in the journal ‘Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes’ showed that psychosocial stress at work can increase the risk of heart disease.

“Considering the significant amount of time spent at work, understanding the relationship between work stress and cardiovascular health and workforce well-being is important,” said Mathilde Lavigne-Robichaud of the CHU de Québec-University Laval Research Center in Quebec, Canada. be important for.”

The study revealed that men who are facing job stress or low salary have a 49 percent increased risk of heart disease compared to other men. However, men who reported both job stress and pay imbalance had twice the risk of heart disease as those who did not experience combined stress.

The impact of psychosocial stress at work on women’s cardiovascular health was inconclusive. According to Lavigne-Robichaud, ‘job stress’ refers to a work environment where employees face things like high demands and less control over their work.

Researchers studied nearly 6,500 workers, with an average age of 45, who did not have heart disease, monitored from 2000 to 2018. The researchers measured job stress and pay imbalance with questionnaire results. Cardiovascular disease information was obtained using health databases.

Robichaud said, “Our results suggest that interventions aimed at reducing stress from the work environment may be particularly effective for men and may also be positive for women, as these stressors such as depression. are associated with other prevalent health issues.”

“The inability of the study to establish a direct link between psychosocial job stress and coronary heart disease in women indicates the need for further investigation of the complex interplay of women’s cardiovascular health,” Robichaud said.

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