Parul Chaudhary received a warm welcome after winning the gold medal in the Asian Games, Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan also arrived.

Meerut. Parul Choudhary, who brought glory to the country and won the gold medal in the Asian Games, was given a warm welcome on reaching home today. Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan also came to appreciate the achievement of Parul Chaudhary.

The daughters of Meerut, who won gold in the Asian Games, have reached the city today. On Saturday morning, the city residents gave a warm welcome to Annu Rani.

Athlete Parul Chaudhary also reached Meerut in the afternoon. During this, Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan gave him a grand welcome. The townspeople and villagers seemed eager to welcome him. She reached Shivaya toll plaza in some time.

Where Union Minister Dr. Sanjeev Balyan welcomed Parul Chaudhary. After this, the villagers left with the medal winning daughter to the only village with drums. During this time, hundreds of people left for the village with him.

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