pakistani anchor zainab abbas statement apology for her social media posts world cup 2023

New Delhi: Pakistan’s well-known sports anchor Zainab Abbas came to India to cover the World Cup 2023. But soon she went back to Pakistan. Then it came to light that because of his old post he had to leave India. After being accused of making indecent remarks on Hindu deities, Zainab had to leave India in a hurry as a precautionary measure. After calming down for several days, Zainab clarified the entire matter.

Zainab Abbas
Zainab Abbas

Zainab Abbas apologized

Zainab Abbas shared a long note on her ex account. In this he apologized to everyone for his old post. Zainab wrote- I want to make it clear that they (old posts) do not reflect my values ​​or the person I am today. There is no excuse or place for such language and I apologize wholeheartedly to anyone who was hurt.

decided to go by myself

Zainab Abbas also said that neither was she fired nor was she asked to leave. He wrote- I was neither asked to leave nor was I deported. However, I was feeling intimidated and scared by the reaction I was seeing online. Even though there was no threat to my safety, my family and friends on both sides of the border were worried. I needed some space and time to think about what happened.

covered the first match

Pakistan played its first match in the World Cup 2023 on 6 October. This match against Netherlands was played in Hyderabad. Zainab was seen anchoring during that match. But she was not seen in the team’s next match.

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