Pakistani Actress Wants To Slap Kangana Ranaut Indian Users Gave Funny Reactions Video Viral – This Pakistani actress wants to slap Kangana, people got funny reactions, said

This Pakistani actress wants to slap Kangana, people got funny reactions, said - As much security as your PM...

Kangana’s fans got angry over slapping her

New Delhi :

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut often remains in the headlines due to her controversial statements. Due to his statements, he not only has many enemies in Bollywood but his statements are also being discussed outside the country. Recently a Pakistani actress criticized Kangana for her statements. The actress even went to the extent of slapping Kangana. The name of this Pakistani actress is Nausheen Sah.

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In the video, Pakistani actress Nausheen Sah can be seen talking about Kangana during a chat show. When the anchor of the show asks Nausheen which Bollywood star she would like to meet, she says that she would like to meet Kangana Ranaut. Anchor asks why so, Nausheen says that she wants to slap Kangana twice, because she talks about her country without thinking.

Pakistani actress gave this advice to Kangana

The Pakistani actress said, ‘If I ever get a chance, I would like to meet Kangana and slap her. The way she talks about my country, the way she says useless things about the Pak Army, I salute her courage. His knowledge is zero, but he has to talk about the country, that too about someone else’s country. You focus on your country, your acting, that is your job. You concentrate on your acting, your direction. Concentrate on your controversies and your ex-boyfriends.

Kangana’s fans organized a class

After this video went viral, Kangana’s fans advised the Pakistani actress to stay away from Kangana. One fan wrote, ‘I feel like Kangana in front of me too’. Another wrote, ‘Don’t even think that we walk with him with more security than you would with your PM.’

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