Oil Price: Amidst the rise in the price of gold, big news regarding groundnut refined oil and mustard raw oil, know the price.

Oil Price in India: Shardiya Navratri has started from today i.e. 15th October. The excitement of Navratri is being seen everywhere. During the days of Navratri, nine powers of Mother Durga are worshipped. It is believed that she travels on earth for nine days of Navratri and removes the sufferings of her devotees. Diwali festival will start after Navratri. The demand for oil increases significantly during the festive season. Women start preparing different types of dishes in their homes.

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Apart from this, demand for oils has also increased. Changes have been seen in the prices of mustard, soybean oil, oilseeds and cottonseed. The highest demand for mustard, groundnut and soybean oil is being seen in the market. There is also an increase in the import of edible oil.

The prices of oil and oilseeds are as follows:-

Mustard oilseed price – Rs 5,625-5,675 per quintal.

Talking about the price of groundnut – it is Rs 6,750-6,800 per quintal.

Groundnut refined oil is priced at Rs 2,315-2,600 per tin.

Mustard oil Dadri – Rs 10,550 per quintal.

Currently, the price of Mustard Kachchi Ghani is seen at Rs 1,780-1,890 per tin.

Sesame oil mill delivery – Rs 18,900-21,000 per quintal.

Soybean oil mill delivery price in Delhi is Rs 9,750 per quintal.

According to a news agency, SEA has said something shocking on vegetable oil. According to SEA, there is a 5 percent decline in the country’s vegetable oil imports in September. Whereas, in the same period last year, it had reduced from 16.32 lakh tonnes to 15.52 lakh tonnes.

Along with this, according to the Solvent Extractors Association of India based in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital, the import of palm products is increasing rapidly. The share of palm oil has increased to 59 percent. Import of crude palm oil has definitely suffered a setback as compared to soybean and other oils along with palm. The total in September itself was 7.05 lakh tonnes, which was 8.24 lakh tonnes in the previous month.

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