Now Thakur vs Brahmin in Bihar, Manoj Jha got RJD’s support while JDU-BJP got support.

Patna. The issue of alleged ‘insult of Thakurs’ by RJD Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha is gaining momentum. On the one hand, politics has become heated regarding this in Bihar. While JDU has raised objection regarding this, now a BJP MLA has also attacked the RJD MP. It is clear that the voices of JDU and BJP are matching on this issue of ‘Rajput Samman’. On the other hand, RJD has brought a new twist in the politics of Bihar by describing the speech given by Manoj Jha in the Parliament during the debate on women’s reservation as brilliant and lively.

On the official Twitter handle of RJD, Manoj Jha’s speech in Parliament has been tweeted and described as powerful, brilliant and lively. Let us tell you that RJD has described the same speech on which RJD MLA Chetan Anand had raised questions as better. It seems that Lalu Yadav’s party is standing with RJD MP Manoj Jha in this controversial issue within RJD.

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Let us tell you that on this issue, JDU spokesperson Sunil Singh has made a big attack on MP Manoj Jha, calling it shameful and condemnable and has demanded an apology from Manoj Jha. JDU spokesperson said, Manoj Jha’s statement about Rajputs is shameful and condemnable and Manoj Jha should apologize for his statement. If he does not apologize then the RJD high command should take action. JDU spokesperson said, if you are a professor then you should also remember the contribution of Thakurs in history. Many writers have written that if you see a Maithil Brahmin and a snake, kill the Maithil Brahmin first. If someone says this, will the society support?

Meanwhile, the BJP MLA attacked the RJD MP and said that if he had spoken in front of me, I would have hit him and broken his face. This country has been protected by Thakurs, if there were no Thakurs then the name of India would have been Mughalistan. Why didn’t Manoj Jha say that kill the Ravana (Brahmin) inside you? Actually, this whole controversy started when former MP Anand Mohan’s son and RJD MLA Chetan Anand tweeted objecting to Manoj Jha’s speech. After the uproar over this, Chetan Anand released another video message in which he again objected to Manoj Jha’s speech.

Manoj Jha’s controversial statement
Let us tell you that while speaking in the House on the Women’s Reservation Bill, RJD MP Manoj Jha had said that this bill is being presented as a gesture of mercy. He had said that mercy can never come in the category of rights. In the end, he read the poem of Omprakash Valmiki and called for killing the Thakurs inside.

Manoj Jha recited poetry in the House
“The stove is of mud, the mud is of the pond, the pond is of Thakur. Hunger for bread, bread for millet, millet for the fields, fields for the Thakur. The bull is Thakur’s, the plow is Thakur’s, my palm is on the handle of the plough, the crop is Thakur’s. The well is Thakur’s, the water is Thakur’s, the fields and barns are Thakur’s, the streets and localities are Thakur’s, then what is ours?” On this statement of Manoj Jha, Chetan Anand has opposed his views by posting on Facebook.


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