No transaction will be done through Debit-Credit Card, if this work is not done in the bank, know-

Card Control System: Nowadays people have credit cards and debit cards. These results were published by the government. The Digital India Payment campaign had an impact on the people of the country and online transactions were rapidly adopted.

If we talk about the last few years, the number of online transactions is increasing rapidly. But hardly you would know that these are some such settings related to your debit card and credit card. If this happens then you will not be able to do any kind of online transaction.

Actually, if the card has been issued with transaction control limit while taking debit or credit card. So this simply means that, you will not be able to do online and offline transactions of debit and credit cards through net banking, mobile app, transaction control system of the bank in the branch.

User needs more control

RBI said that the only purpose behind starting these features is to give more control to the people. According to the new guidelines, now the card holder can avail maximum options. After this, he can easily transact on modes like international transactions, online shopping.

How will it be activated?

For your information, whenever a card is issued to the user, the card control mechanism remains switched off by default. Be it credit card or debit card, unless your transaction control is managed, you are not able to do offline or online transactions. For this you have to go to the bank mobile app or the bank portal.

Here you get the option to disable and enable the function of the card through the card control mechanism. From where you can decide whether you want to do online transaction with the card or not, now how much to do, you can do this work through your banking app and by visiting the bank portal.

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