Neil Young pays tribute to Gordon Lightfoot – Rolling Stone

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Young also called the late musician a “great Canadian artist” and “a songwriter without parallel”.

Neil Young has paid tribute to fellow “Canadian legend” Gordon Lightfoot after the famous singer and songwriter died earlier this week at the age of 84.

In a statement shared on his website, Young called Lightfoot a “great Canadian artist” and an “unparalleled songwriter.” He continued, “His melodies and words were an inspiration to all the writers who heard his music, and will continue to be for centuries to come. Gordon’s music has a unique and wonderful feel.”

Young added that he spoke to Lightfoot “a few weeks ago” and said the musician “sounded happy even though he canceled some shows and rescheduled his tour. I was saddened to learn of his death today.”

Young previously showed his admiration for Lightfoot and his songwriting when he included two Lightfoot songs on his 2014 covers album. Letter home: “Early morning rain” and “If you could read my mind.”


Along with Young, Lightfoot’s songs have been covered by a number of major artists including Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Liza Minnelli, Johnny Cash and Harry Belafonte. In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stonespoke of the enduring appeal of his music.

“I think the sentence is next. Or the fact that they are so simple. People can play these songs if they can turn this business around here,” he said. “We have songs that resonate with audiences like ‘Read My Mind’ and ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Don Quixote’. They’re all forward-moving melodies and have a forward thrust that I’m looking for in my writing. forward momentum.”


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