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Udaipur, 3 October 2023. In the competition going on for the last six days under the aegis of Narayan Seva Sansthan, DCCI and Rajasthan Royals, the brilliant sports performance of the disabled people has succeeded in teaching the world of able-bodied people that when there is any challenge or obstacle in life, they should not panic but Stand your ground… face the problems.

Despite various physical disabilities, disabled players set such an example with their bat and ball that they can give a new ray of life to a person surrounded by despair. Institute President Prashant Aggarwal and DCCI Secretary Ravikant Chauhan said this while giving information about the eight matches of the league matches of the championship.

He told that in the first innings, there were matches between Jammu-Andhra, Haryana-Bihar, Vidarbha-Gujarat and host Rajasthan against Madhya Pradesh. In which Jammu, Haryana, Vidarbha and Madhya Pradesh registered victory. Man of the Match Nikhil Manhas of Jammu, Pawan Kumar of Haryana, Gopal of MP and Sachin Harishchandra of Vidarbha were honored with trophy and award by Deputy Commandos CISF Subhash Samota, Manish Jain and Pratik Kumar in the Man of the Match ceremony.

Andhra’s Akhil Reddy scored a half-century and Jammu’s Wasim Iqbal took 4 wickets for 13 runs in 4 overs. Deepak of Uttarakhand also took 4 wickets after spending 24 runs in 4 overs.

In the second innings, there was a match between Baroda vs Karnataka, Mumbai vs Goa, Bengal vs Orissa and Hyderabad vs Uttarakhand. In which Karnataka, Mumbai, Orissa and Hyderabad won. Man of the match Srinivas Nayak of Hyderabad, Sambhaji of Karnataka, Ravindra Sante of Mumbai and Balram Basti of Orissa were presented trophies and awards by the guest of the ceremony, Deputy Commissioner of Mines and Labour, Sanket Kumar, Kailash Dangi, Dheeraj Jain, Rajesh Khurana.

The teams of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Vidarbha and Jammu are undefeated in this competition. Rajasthan has lost two out of three matches. There are still two matches left in the league and if the hosts win both the matches then there is a possibility of playing the quarter finals. Tomorrow the match with Himachal will be in focus.

Compared to Wednesday-
Field Club -1st – Chandigarh v/s Gujarat
Second- Hyderabad v/s Uttar Pradesh.

In BN-
Madhya Pradesh v/s Baroda,
Mumbai v/s Tamil Nadu.

MB Ground-
Haryana V/S Goa,
Himachal Pradesh v/s Rajasthan.

Narayan Sports Academy – Vidarbha v/s Uttarakhand,
There will be a match between Punjab v/s Delhi team.

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