Mysterious stones found in the temple here, on which the language of the gods is written! meaning also revealed

There are many mysterious temples in the world, whose stories astonish you. It forces you to think how these thousands of years old temples know so many things. The stories of some even tell us about the future. These days an Egyptian temple is being discussed a lot. Actually, a mysterious stone has been found here in the temple. It is being claimed that the language of the gods is written on this stone. People have also explained its meaning, believe me you will also be surprised to know.

According to media reports, this stone was found in an ancient temple in Egypt, which is called Rosetta Stone. This stone has been preserved in the British Museum. According to archaeologists, this stone belongs to the era of King Ptolemy V and his order is written on this inscription. King Ptolemy V ruled Ptolemaic Egypt from 204-181 BC. Later this inscription was copied and similar stones were installed in all the temples throughout Egypt.

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rosetta stone broken
A French man transcribed it and described it as the language of the gods. The transcription consists of 14 lines of ancient scripture written in hieroglyphs. These provide information about the relationship between the emperor and the gods. However, the unfortunate thing is that the Rosetta Stone is broken and the entire part could not be found. In the year 1882, a person named Thomas Young and Jean-François Champollion understood the code of this language. Its translation was presented to the world. It is believed that he was the first human being to understand the language of the gods.

The most important symbol of language translation on earth
Recently it was shared on Twitter via @Jac5Connor account. He wrote, The Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly the most important human symbol of language translation on earth. Nothing else comes close to it, because it immediately allowed us to understand two endangered languages ​​simultaneously. Fragments of three inscriptions were found in the ancient ruins of Egypt. The language of the gods is believed to be written on one of these inscriptions. On two other inscriptions the language of those documents and stories of everyday purpose are depicted.


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