Mumbai Diaries Season 2: Now I want to do a comedy role, Mohit told the journey from Mahadev to Mumbai Diaries – Mohit Raina Shares His Experience Working In Mumbai Diaries Season 2 Series actor wants to do comedy role

After the success of Amazon Prime Video’s famous series ‘Mumbai Diaries’, now the second season of this series ‘Mumbai Diaries 2’ has been released. Mohit Raina, who is playing the role of Dr. Kaushik Oberoi in this series, says that after playing the role of a doctor, he understood how much pressure good doctors work under. Before this, she was thinking differently about the doctor.

Actor Mohit Raina is playing the role of Dr. Kaushik Oberoi in ‘Mumbai Diaries’. In a special conversation with ‘Amar Ujala’, he says, ‘When we were studying in school or college, when we had to go to the doctor with our family or someone, we used to ask what the doctor said? It was known that the doctor had called after 8-10 days. I used to wonder why the doctor could not be found on the same day or after two days. But when I played the role of a doctor in ‘Mumbai Diaries’, I came to know how much pressure good doctors work under and what a huge responsibility they have.

Mohit Raina says, after playing the role of Dr. Kaushik Oberoi in the web series ‘Mumbai Diaries’, he came to know how much stress good doctors work under. When he is on duty, his only thought is how to save the patient’s life. At that time, there is more concern about the patient than the family because such a situation happens that you come on the back foot and everyone’s eyes are fixed on you. In the first season, my character was a bit aggressive. He takes any decision immediately. But now the situation has changed a lot in Season 2.

The story of the second part begins nine months after the first part of Mumbai Diaries ended. Mrs. Kelkar, wife of the police officer killed in the 26/11 incident, files a case against Dr. Kaushik Oberoi, who is the head of the trauma department of Bombay General Hospital. Mohit Raina says, ‘This time in ‘Mumbai Diaries 2’, its director Nikhil Advani and the writing team believed that Dr. Kaushik Oberoi presents something different. This time he is a little scared and scared, because after Mrs. Kelkar’s case, Dr. Kaushik Oberoi himself has doubts about whether he is a good doctor or not. This time I am not a part of Bombay General Hospital.

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The first season of ‘Mumbai Diaries’ depicts the chaos in a government hospital during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and the courage of the doctors and dedication to the patients. This time the devastation caused by the severe rains in Mumbai in 2005 has been shown. Mohit Raina says, ‘This time most of our scenes were of rain. It becomes very difficult to speak dialogues in the rain, because when you speak dialogues, water keeps coming into your mouth due to rain and there is no clarity in speaking dialogues. But sometimes it helps because the scene looks so real. I think this will be India’s first series so it will be made on the backdrop of rain. VFX has not been used at all in this. All the scenes have been shot in reality.

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