MP Election 2023: BJP-Congress ready for election campaign, chartered plane-helicopter will be available for big leaders

Vaibhav Sridhar, Bhopal. With the announcement of assembly elections, the visits of big leaders in the state will become more intense. BJP and Congress have made preparations for this. BJP has arranged for 12 chartered planes and helicopters, which will be available to senior leaders at all times.

Similarly, Congress has made arrangements for two charter planes and three helicopters. To ensure that their expenses do not get added to the election expenses of the candidate, star campaigners will be sent along with them. This expense will be added to the party’s account. Congress officials say that at present one chartered plane and two helicopters are available all the time.

One of these helicopters is being used by Kamal Nath and the other by State Congress general secretary in-charge Randeep Singh Surjewala. Chartered planes are being used for the transportation of senior leaders. This will be further increased as per requirement. BJP is ahead of Congress in this preparation. He has also constituted a committee.

BJP formed committee

BJP has formed an aviation committee for the movement of leaders during election campaign. Rajendra Singh Rajput has been entrusted with this responsibility. They will arrange for chartered plane and helicopter. For this, discussions have been held with different companies and chartered planes and helicopters will be called as per requirement. Currently, arrangements have been made for 12 chartered planes and helicopters.

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Senior leaders are also using special planes and helicopters to travel so that they can reach more places in less time. Party’s state minister Rajneesh Aggarwal says that like every time, this time too the party has made arrangements for chartered aircraft and helicopters. Resources will be used wherever required.

Organization will create coordination in Congress

State Congress has also made arrangements for chartered plane and helicopter for the leaders. State Congress President Kamal Nath has his own plane and helicopter. They will not only be used for party publicity, apart from this, planes and helicopters will be taken on rent as per requirement.

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The team handling the hospitality of VIPs will inform the organization and then planes or helicopters will be provided to them. State Congress Media Department Chairman KK Mishra says that the party has made preparations for the election campaign. Availability of resources has been ensured to ensure smooth visits of senior leaders and maximum utilization of time.

Star campaigners will be sent with the leaders

After the implementation of the election code of conduct, star campaigners will also be sent along with central or state leaders. Due to this, the expenditure incurred on the use of aircraft or helicopter will not be included in the election expenditure of the candidate.

This will come as part of the party. This time the limit of election expenditure of each candidate is Rs 40 lakh. Whereas, there is no limit on party expenditure, hence political parties send star campaigners along with the leaders during election campaign.

Election Commission also ready

After the implementation of the election code of conduct, the Election Commission will keep an eye on where the chartered planes or helicopters are coming and going. The Commission has instructed the Aviation Directorate that if a chartered plane arrives at any airstrip in the state, its information should be shared with all the agencies. It should be ensured that no plane or helicopter lands anywhere without permission. There should be complete investigation at the airport also.

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