Monday Motivation: Asha Parekh started thinking about suicide due to depression, remained single and changed her luck on her own – Asha Parekh life story from depression suicidal thoughts to now running hospital and dance academy monday motivation

Who does not know the evergreen actress Asha Parekh, who ruled Hindi cinema for many decades. Everyone was in awe of Asha Parekh, who ruled the film world for a career spanning more than four decades. Hero also used to spare his life for Asha Parekh. But Asha Parekh remained alone in her personal life. She lived life on her own terms, and set an example for women who despair and lose courage due to loneliness. There was a turning point in Asha Parekh’s life too, when she sank into depression and thoughts of committing suicide surrounded her. But the actress broke the whirlpool of those thoughts and pulled herself out. Became an inspiration for everyone by becoming a strong woman. Asha Parekh’s 81st birthday is on 2nd October. On this occasion, this inspiring story of his is being told in the ‘Monday Motivation’ series.

Asha Parekh Birthday: On October 2, 1942, a girl was born in a Gujarati family, who was going to change the face of Hindi cinema in the future. There is a saying that the feet of a son are visible only in the cradle. Same was the case with Asha Parekh. When mother Sudha i.e. Salma Parekh saw that little Asha Parekh was fond of dancing, she started training her in classical dance. In this way, Asha Parekh learned the nuances of dance from a young age, and today runs her own dance academy.

Monday Motivation Asha Parekh:

Even though Asha Parekh is alone at the age of 81, she is alone in her personal life. Even though he did not marry or adopt a child, he turned loneliness into a strength instead of a weakness. Showed the world that a single woman can’t do anything if she wants to. Asha Parekh is not only a great actress and dancer but today a hospital runs in her name in Mumbai and she also teaches dance.

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When she tried to become a heroine, she was rejected, she was told – not star material.

Asha Parekh started her acting career as a child artist. His first film came in 1952, named ‘Maa’. Asha Parekh worked as a child artist in some more films, and then left acting due to school. But when Asha Parekh turned 16, she thought of starting a career as a lead actress. But he had to face rejection at the very first stop.

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Became a star overnight just 8 days after rejection

The director refused to sign Asha Parekh in ‘Goonj Uthi Shehnai’ saying that she was not star material. Don’t deserve to be a heroine. But Asha Parekh did not let herself break. He had courage and after 8 days, director Nasir Hussain offered him ‘Dil Deke Dekho’. This film made Asha Parekh an overnight star and made her one of the top heroines of the 60s.
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When Asha Parekh went into depression, started thinking about suicide

Asha Parekh was progressing double in the day and quadruple in the night in her film career. But she went through a lot of turmoil in her personal life. The worst phase in Asha Parekh’s life came when she lost her parents. The actress had talked about that period in an interview given to ‘Indian Express’. Asha Parekh had said that that was the darkest and worst phase of her life. She became completely alone and went into depression. According to Asha Parekh, only thoughts of suicide would come to her mind. She would think of embracing death. But Asha Parekh was courageous. He also took help of doctors to recover from it. And look, today it is the same Asha Parekh, who is standing firmly in front of us even at the age of 81, and is working. Even at this stage of her age, she is running a dance academy and a hospital. Truly his story is no less than an example.

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