Medical student wrote in suicide note – Sorry Appa. Written in suicide note – Sorry Appa; Accusations against 3 professors and seniors

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Tamil Nadu student wrote in her suicide note – Even sad people can be happy, be kind. Don’t criticize people and be there for them.

A medical student committed suicide in the hostel in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. The incident is of 6 October. Police said on Sunday, October 8 that a suicide note was found in the girl’s room, in which the student has accused her professors and seniors of sexual harassment and mental abuse.

In the note, the student wrote three names under ‘reason of death’. Further, the student has also told how these people tortured her.

1. Dr. Paramashivan – Sexual Harassment, Physical-Mental Abuse
2. Dr. Harish, Sr. Toxicity, Mental Abuse
3. Dr. Preeti, Sr. Toxicity

Apologized to father, wrote- I love you the most
In the suicide note, the student wrote- Sorry Appa, I love you the most. In the note, the student has written a line in green marker – Even sad people can be happy, be kind. Don’t criticize people and be there for them.

The student was found dead in her hostel room on 6 October.

The student was in the second year of post graduation at Sri Mukambika Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS), Tamil Nadu. His suicide note is now going viral. The police have registered a case and the people mentioned by the student in the note are being interrogated by the police for the last two days (7-8 October).

Former Tamil Nadu Director General of Police (DGP) M Ravi has posted the suicide note of the student. He wrote in the caption – This should be investigated and facts should be brought out. Steps need to be taken to stop such harassment.

Singer Chinmayi said- Medical students often face sexual harassment.
National Award winning singer Chinmayi (she is also a lawyer) has demanded an investigation into the matter. She wrote on X how medical students often face sexual harassment during their studies and internship. In most of the cases the case is not registered.

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