Match Fixing Exposed in Cricket: The ghost of match fixing comes again in cricket… 8 people including three Indians accused – Match fixing exposed in Cricket abu dhabi t10 league icc charges three Indians with corrupt activities UAE T10 league tspo

Match Fixing Exposed in Cricket: Once again the ghost of match fixing has come to the fore in cricket. This time the International Cricket Council (ICC) itself exposed these corrupt activities. In this, 8 people including 3 Indians have been made accused.

Actually, ICC investigated the corrupt activities that took place during the 2021 UAE T10 League. After this, ICC has imposed various charges against 8 players, officials and some Indian team owners for their involvement in these activities.

Who are the three Indians who were accused?

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The two Indian co-owners are Parag Sanghvi and Krishna Kumar. Both of them are co-owners of the team Pune Devils and in that season one of their players, former Bangladesh Test batsman Nasir Hussain, has also been accused of violating the league’s anti-corruption code.

The third Indian to be involved in corrupt activities is an unknown batting coach, named Sunny Dhillon. The ICC said, ‘The charges relate to the 2021 Abu Dhabi T10 Cricket League and attempts to corrupt matches in that tournament. These efforts were disrupted. The ICC was appointed by the ECB as a Designated Anti-Corruption Officer (DACO) for this tournament and thus these charges are being issued by the ECB.

What are the allegations against Sanghvi, Krishna Kumar and Dhillon?

Sanghvi has been accused of betting on the match results and other aspects and not cooperating with the investigating agency. Whereas Krishna Kumar has been accused of hiding things from DACO. Apart from these, coach Dhillon is accused of trying to fix matches.

Nasir, who played 19 Test and 65 ODI matches for Bangladesh, has been accused of not disclosing information about gifts worth more than $750 to DACO.

Others who have been suspended include batting coach Azhar Zaidi, UAE domestic players Rizwan Javed and Saliya Saman and team manager Shadab Ahmed. Six people, including three Indians, have been temporarily suspended and all of them will have 19 days from Tuesday to respond to the allegations.

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