Married to Guru at the age of 13, changed religion in love, became a dancer out of compulsion, kept quarreling with Sridevi all her life

Saroj Khan Life Story: Bollywood’s legendary choreographer, who made big film stars dance on her fingers, herself kept dancing on the gestures of fate all her life. His life was so filmy and full of ups and downs that now a biopic is going to be made on it, in which Madhuri Dixit can play a special role. The dance legend entered Bollywood at a young age and married her mentor at 13. Changed religion for the second time by marrying a Muslim. He taught dance to many veteran heroines of Hindi cinema, but he always had a spat with Sridevi.

New Delhi: The life of the Bollywood legend was so full of ups and downs that it is being considered to cast more than one actress in his character in his biopic who will depict different phases of his life. Saroj Khan’s favorite actress Madhuri Dixit can play an important role in the biopic being made under the direction of Hansal Mehat. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@bollywoodgaliyara)

Saroj Khan was born on 22 November 1948 in a Hindu family. She was then known as Nirmala Nagpal. She married 43-year-old Guru Sohan Lal at the age of 13, but when she came to know that he was already married and was the father of four children, she was devastated. His guru Sohanlal started refusing to adopt and give the surname to his own children. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@bollywoodgaliyara)

Nirmala Nagpal broke up with her first husband and when Roshan Khan proposed her for marriage, she put a condition that he would give his surname to her children. Nirmala Nagpal then married Roshan Khan and accepted Islam and became Saroj Khan. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@sarojkhanfansofficial)

Since her husband was struggling with unemployment, Saroj Khan started working to earn her living. According to media reports, she did a nursing course and also remained a nurse for some time. He also took training in typing and short hand, due to which he got a job in a company. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@saroj_khan_offical)

Saroj Khan then started the work of background dancer again on the advice of her friend and became a background dancer in the song Meherba from the film Howrah Bridge. According to media reports, for the first time he choreographed the famous song ‘Nigahen Milane Ko Jee Chahta Hai’ from the film ‘Dil Hi To Hai’. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@sarojkhanfansofficial)

When Devanand signed her to choreograph the famous song ‘Dum Maro Dum’ from his film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’, his 8-month-old daughter’s health was very bad. She was struggling between life and death. According to media reports, his daughter passed away on the same day the shooting of ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ was going on. Saroj Khan buried her daughter and reached the set for shooting. It is said that seeing the dedication of Saroj Khan, Filmfare created the category of Best Choreographer and gave her the first award for Best Choreographer for the song ‘Dum Maaro Dum’. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@sarojkhanfansofficial)

Saroj Khan had made the songs of many Bollywood stars memorable by choreographing them, but she was too kind to Madhuri Dixit, due to which Sridevi always complained to her that she did not choreograph her like other actresses. There was always loving bickering going on between them. There is news that Madhuri Dixit can play an important role in the biopic that is going to be made on the life of Saroj Khan. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@bollywoodgaliyara)

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