Lucknow: A child got stuck in a lift, kept crying and pleading to be saved, said – Oh God, save me, video viral – A Child Got Stuck In A Lift In Janeshwar Enclave In Lucknow.

A child got stuck in a lift in janeshwar Enclave in Lucknow.

Girl trapped in lift.
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A girl was stuck in the lift for 20 minutes in Janeshwar Enclave Apartment of the capital Lucknow. During this time she kept shouting and pleading to save herself.

Its video is going viral on social media.

She got scared after getting stuck in the lift. He knew that there was a camera in the lift. Once she tried to open the door, she looked into the camera and pleaded for help. After this he appealed to God to save him. He folded his hands and said several times, “O God, save me.” The girl got stuck in the lift due to power failure.

go down open lift

The name of the girl stuck in the lift is Dhvani Awasthi. His father’s name is Ashish Awasthi who resides in B-1105 flat of that apartment. The incident occurred around noon. Stuck in the lift due to power failure. The girl could come out after 15 minutes through the automatic system. The machine usually opens on the nearest floor but it went down to the basement and opened. Because of this it took time for the girl to come out.

Do not let small children go in the elevator alone

LDA VC Dr. Indramani Tripathi said that due to sudden power interruption in Janeshwar Enclave, a girl got stuck in a lift, who was immediately rescued. He has requested the residents of the scheme not to allow children below 12 years of age to travel alone in the lift for safety reasons. The work of maintenance of lift has been given to experienced firms only.

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