Los Angeles Olympics 2028 | Cricket in Los Angeles Olympics; IOC set to officially confirmed in Mumbai | Claim in the report – Flag football and baseball also get green signal, announcement can be made tomorrow

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This time cricket was included in the Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China. India sent its teams for the first time in men’s and women’s categories and both won gold medals.

Cricket will also be included in the Los Angeles Olympics 2028. This claim has been made in the report of British newspaper ‘The Guardian’. According to the report, along with cricket, flag football, baseball and softball have also been included in the event. Its official announcement can be made by the Los Angeles Olympic Committee by Tuesday evening.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has prepared its final draft. More information about this will be given in the 141st session of the IOC starting from Sunday in Mumbai.

However, in the Los Angeles Olympics 2028, men’s and women’s matches will be held in T-20 format. The commercial market of Asia is also a big reason behind this. At least in India, it has a huge craze and at present our economy is at fifth position in the world.

Cricket was included in this time’s Asian Games. India sent its teams in both men’s and women’s categories and India won gold medals in both. T-20 format of cricket was successful in Asiad, due to which it is also being included in the Olympics.

Cricket is getting involved because of India
The British newspaper said in its report – We had told in July itself that the entry of cricket in the Los Angeles Olympic Games is absolutely certain. The reason for this is that the Olympic Committee is in no position to ignore India’s approximately 1.5 billion population and its financial resources. However, there were many problems in the negotiations between the Los Angeles Committee and the IOC.

According to this report – Currently, Olympic broadcasting rights in India are based on individual games and their market value is approximately 2 million dollars. This figure has been fixed for the Paris Olympics 2024. However, market experts believe that if India’s cricket matches are included, this figure can easily be many times higher.

Cricket was in the 1900 Olympics
This is not the first time that cricket will be played in the Olympics. Before this, cricket had also been played in the Paris Olympics (year 1900). Then Great Britain and France played only one test match for the gold medal, in which the Great Britain team won by 158 runs.

Cricket has also been included in the Commonwealth Games twice, in 1998 and 2022. Cricket got a place in the Asian Games thrice in 2010, 2014 and 2023.

Entry for flag football also
The world knows about football. Now flag football is going to be given entry for Los Angeles Olympics 2028. According to the report, in flag football, both the teams have five players each and it is called the American variant of football.

The inclusion of baseball and softball will not only increase revenue but will also promote team sports. However, the problem is that with the inclusion of four new games, the duration of the games will increase significantly. It is believed that the Olympic Committee will compensate for this by reducing the medal events of some sports and the duration of the Olympic Games will not be increased too much.

In flag football, football is played by making 2 teams of 5 players each. This is a form of American football.

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