Live Breaking News: War wreaks havoc on innocent people in Israel, 9 American citizens killed in Hamas attack

  • BJP fields candidates for MP-Chhattisgarh-Rajasthan

    BJP has announced its candidates for the upcoming assembly elections. It has released its fourth list for Madhya Pradesh, in which 57 candidates have been given tickets. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan will fight from Budhni. While Home Minister Narottam Mishra has got the ticket from Datia.

    Whereas 84 candidates have been announced for Rajasthan, which also includes MP Diya Kumari. He has been fielded from Vidyadhar Nagar.

    Also, BJP has released the list of 6 candidates for Chhattisgarh.

  • Caste census will be conducted in all Congress ruled states

    In the Congress Working Committee meeting, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that caste census will be conducted in party ruled states. Today the country wants caste census. We fulfill what we promise. This work is being done for the poor of India. After the caste census, there will also be an economic census.

  • Israel Vs Gaza War 2023: Israel preparing to intensify attacks on Hamas! This has been going on for 72 hours, now the catastrophe?

  • How many injured in the war so far?

    According to the Israeli Health Ministry, 2383 people have been injured in the war so far. 22 of them are critical. The condition of 345 is critical. 465 have suffered moderate injuries. 1175 people have suffered minor injuries.

  • Israel Vs Hamas Today: Amidst the war, ruckus in Washington, clash between Hamas and Israel supporters

  • Iran’s threat to Israel

    Iran has threatened Israel and said that if our country is attacked then be prepared for attack from Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq. Apart from this, fighters will also be sent from Syria.

  • Israel Hamas Death Toll: 57 Israeli soldiers, 750 civilians killed so far, claim to have killed 465 terrorists

  • Israel Hamas Conflict Update: Big statement by Israel’s representative in UN, ‘A few days are devastating’

  • Attack on 500 Hamas targets

    Israel retaliated by attacking 500 Hamas positions. 7 operational bases have been destroyed. Bombing is also done by fighter planes.

  • Israel Hamas Death Toll: 57 Israeli soldiers, 750 civilians killed so far, claim to have killed 465 terrorists

  • America On Israel Palestine Conflict: Now Israel will get America’s support! Will there be a fight with Hamas?

  • Israel Vs Hamas Today: Amidst the war, ruckus in Washington, clash between Hamas and Israel supporters

  • 1 lakh Israeli soldiers took charge, the biggest attack on Hamas!

  • Israel’s statement in UN on barbarity

    The war continues between Hamas and Israel. Meanwhile, Israel’s representative to the United Nations said that Hamas terrorists entered the house and shot people from point blank range.

  • Shahrukh Khan gets Y plus category security

    Actor Shahrukh Khan has been given Y plus category security. He had received death threats.

  • Israel Hamas War News Today: Israel attacks main targets of Hamas, 3-storey headquarters destroyed

  • 150 Hamas bases destroyed, Israelis and Hamas supporters clashed on American streets

  • Assembly elections will be held in 5 states, dates will be announced through press conference.

  • Israel-Hamas war continues

    The effects of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East are beginning to be visible. The price of crude oil has increased by 4.5%.

  • Israel Hamas Conflict: Israel’s fierce bombing in Gaza Strip

  • US Hamas war on Israel: Israel’s support amid war

  • Congress CWC meeting today

    There will be an important meeting of Congress CWC today. There will be discussion regarding assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections of 5 states. CWC leaders will meet for the first time after Mallikarjun Kharge became the president.

  • Akhilesh’s statement on caste census

    Politics regarding caste census is not stopping. Former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav said that the survey conducted in Bihar sparked a new revolution. Tejashwi said that BJP did not want the data to be released.

  • Israel expressed gratitude to PM Modi

    Israel thanked India and PM Modi for their support. No Indian has died in the attack. Israel’s ambassador to India said that we are ready for every situation.

  • There is no difference between Hamas and ISIS

    UNSC meeting was held on Israeli attack. Israel said that there is no difference between Hamas and ISIS. Civilians of Nepal, America and Thailand died in the war. Two Israeli people were murdered in Egypt.


  • America will give warship to Israel

    America will provide warships to strengthen Israel against Hamas. In response to this, Hamas said that we are not afraid of the American warship, then Israel said that such action will be taken that Hamas will remember for the coming 50 years.

  • 1150 people died in Israel-Hamas war

    The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for 48 hours. Rockets continued to rain from both sides throughout the night. A total of 1150 people have died so far. The work of evacuating the people trapped in the war zone and the injured is also going on.

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