Know how much it costs to open a petrol pump, and how much commission is given on 1 liter of oil, know the answers to all the questions?

Petrol Pump: With increasing traffic, the demand for petrol and diesel is also increasing. If you want to do petrol pump business, you can earn good profit from it. But all the information related to how much it costs to open a petrol pump and how much commission you get per liter of oil is given below.

In our country, with the increasing demand for petrol and diesel, there is a significant need for them. It is very difficult to imagine modern life without petrol and diesel.

If one day the petrol pump unions in a city stop selling fuel, then the activities of that city come to a standstill. Traffic stoppage has a serious impact on normal life. Therefore, there is always demand for petrol and diesel.

Petrol pump business is considered a profitable business all over the world. To run economic activities, petroleum companies open petrol pumps in every corner of the country and provide licenses for it.

Who can open a petrol pump?

In the country, licenses for opening petrol pumps are issued by government and private petroleum companies like BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, Reliance, Essar Oil.

To open a petrol pump, any Indian citizen, between the age of 21 years to 55 years, can start this business. If someone is opening a petrol pump in an urban area, then he must have passed 12th, whereas in rural areas he must have passed 10th.

How much money needs to be invested?

Because petrol pump business is high profitable, it requires more investment. Generally, opening a petrol pump in rural areas requires an investment of around Rs 15 lakh, while in urban areas around Rs 30-35 lakh is required.

How is a petrol pump located?

According to the website of Indian Petroleum Companies, to set up a retail outlet in an area, petroleum companies consider that location by their field team. If that place is commercially suitable and profitable, then it is included in the company’s marketing plan.

Subsequently, persons interested are invited to make offers by publishing advertisements in newspapers. In the context of this process, coordinates to select dealers are available on

You can contact here

You can also contact the concerned retail divisional office/regional officer of Indian Petroleum regarding opening of petrol pump. You will get their details at Indian Petroleum retail outlets (petrol pumps) in your area.

sufficiency of land

A large land is required to open a petrol pump. If this land is available with the applicant, it is fine. If not, the applicant will have to take the land on long-term lease. To open a petrol pump, 800-1200 square meters of land is required.

If you want to open a petrol pump on State Highway and National Highway, you must have at least 1200 square meters of land. At the same time, in urban areas a petrol pump can be opened on 800 square meters of land.

Advertisements are issued by companies

If a petroleum company publishes an advertisement to open a petrol pump in a new area and more than one application is received, then a lottery system is used. In the advertisement, the company provides every information that is required to open a petrol pump in any area.

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