Know how many people have their own passport in India, this state has the highest number of people having passport.


The number of passport holders in India has increased significantly over the last few years and many passports have been issued. However, only a small section of India’s population still holds a passport and more than 90 percent have not made a passport. In such a situation, the question arises that how many people in India have passports and what percentage of the population holds passports? Apart from this, which state is the leader in terms of passport owners in India? So you know the answer to every question related to passport owners…

How many people have passports in India?

The Foreign Ministry replied to this on Friday. In fact, on Navkumar Sarnia’s question, the Ministry of External Affairs told how many people have passports in the country and which state has the highest number of passport holders. According to government documents, passports have been issued to approximately 9,58,35,903 people in India as of December 8, 2022.

Which state’s citizens have the most passports?

Looking at the state-wise figures, Kerala has the highest number of passport holders. 11266986 people have passport in Kerala. 10473988 people have passport in Maharashtra. After this, 9714699 people have passports in Tamil Nadu, while 8793653 people have passports in Uttar Pradesh. How many people have passports in which state, you can see in the list given below.

Andaman and Nicobar- 4316
Andhra Pradesh- 3791012
Arunachal Pradesh- 25700
Assam- 692311
Bihar- 2848374
Chandigarh- 316890
Chhattisgarh- 354505
Dadra and Nagar Haveli- 20606
Daman and Islands- 54987
Delhi- 3906063
Goa- 460583
Gujarat- 6761930
Haryana- 3209980
Himachal Pradesh- 446759
Jammu and Kashmir- 1000824
Jharkhand- 769720
Karnataka- 6635435
Kerala- 11266986
Ladakh- 30814
Lakshadweep- 17765
Madhya Pradesh- 1556358
Maharashtra- 10473988
Manipur- 88463
Meghalaya- 57094
Mizoram- 37125
Nagaland- 43812
Odisha- 964153
Puducherry- 233706
Punjab- 7717288
Rajasthan- 2926393
Sikkim- 46777
Tamil Nadu- 9714699
Telangana- 5020024
Tripura- 208034
Uttar Pradesh- 8793653
Uttarakhand- 770027
West Bengal- 4568749

In India, 62 out of 1000 people have passports. Whereas Kerala has the first position at 244 out of 1000. Also, last week 3,69,949 people have applied for passport, due to which the number of people getting passport is continuously increasing. Indian passport gets visa on arrival among 48 countries in which India is ranked 69th.

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