Jawan Box Office Collection Day 28 Record Breaking Earnings Of Shah Rukh Khan Jawan Box Office In 28 Days With Gadar 2 Craze See Collection

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 28: Shahrukh Khan's Jawan creates a new record at the box office in 28 days, leaving behind Gadar 2

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 28 Jawan Box Office Collection on Day 28

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  • Jawan Box Office Collection Day 28
  • Jawan’s 28th day box office collection
  • Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan broke Pathan’s record

New Delhi:

Jawan Box Office Collection day 28: In the year 2023, Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh Khan has given the second big blockbuster film Jawan, which was greatly loved by the audience. Although the Hollywood film released on 7th September has earned well not only in India but in theaters all over the world. Whereas before Jawan, Gadar 2, which was released on August 11, has also crossed the figure of Rs 527 crore by earning continuously. But Jawan has also left Gadar 2 far behind and seems to be creating a new dimension. With this, Jawan has created a new record with the earnings of 28 days and has crossed the figure of Rs 1100 crore worldwide.

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According to the preliminary data of box office tracker Sachnilk, Jawan achieved a collection of Rs 2 crore on the 28th day, after which the collection of Jawan in India has become Rs 615.72 crore. Whereas worldwide this figure has crossed 1100 crores, which is record breaking. If we look at India gross, it is ready to be Rs 730 crore.

Talking about the collection from release till now, in 27 days, 75 crores on the first day, 53.23 crores on the second day, 77.83 crores on the third day, 80.1 crores on the fourth day, 32.92 crores on the fifth day, 26 crores on the sixth day, 23.2 crores on the seventh day and 21.6 crores on the eighth day. After earning Rs. 1 crore, the total collection of the first week was Rs. 389.88 crore. Then it collected Rs 19.1 crore on the ninth day, Rs 31.8 crore on the 10th day, Rs 36.85 crore on the 11th day, Rs 16.25 crore on the 12th day, Rs 14.4 crore on the 13th day, Rs 9.6 crore on the 14th day and Rs 8.1 crore on the 15th day, earning Rs 136.1 crore in the second week. It collected Rs 7.6 crore on 16th day, Rs 12.25 crore on 17th day, Rs 14.95 crore on 18th day, Rs 5.4 crore on 19th day, Rs 4.9 crore on 20th day, Rs 4.85 crore on 21st day and Rs 5.97 crore on 22nd day, earning Rs 55.92 crore in the third week. After this, the film earned Rs 5.05 crore on the 23rd day, Rs 8.5 crore on the 24th day, Rs 9.37 crore on the 25th day, Rs 6.85 crore on the 26th day and Rs 2.05 crore on the 27th day.

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It is noteworthy that Pathan, which was released on January 25 in the beginning of the year 2023, had earned Rs 500 crore in India and more than Rs 1000 crore worldwide. Whereas Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 had earned more than Rs 500 crore in India and more than Rs 600 crore worldwide.

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