It is now more convenient for travelers on foot to buy a ticket for the Hiiumaa ferry

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Both Hiiumaa ferries stop at the port of Rohuküla. Photo: Malle-Liisa Raigla
Passengers on foot will find it more convenient to board the Hiiumaa ferry in advance. Photo: Malle-Liisa Raigla

According to TS Laevade, it is now more convenient for foot passengers to buy a ticket for the Hiiumaa ferry.

“Another development project in the form of a self-service ticket purchase system on the Hiiumaa line has been completed,” expressed joy, TS Laevade chairman of the board Indrek Randveer. “There are more and more people traveling to Hiiumaa on foot and by bike, and buying a ticket at the regular box office is somewhat inconvenient, especially if there is not enough time until the ship leaves. There are now self-service cash desks in the port buildings of Rohuküla and Heltermaa where you can buy a ticket quickly and conveniently for both passengers and bicycles.”

“Customer feedback is crucial for us, we always take it into account whenever possible and make corresponding changes and developments to make the sea journey between the big islands even more comfortable. In this way, we will continue with the ticket machine project on the Saaremaa line in the near future. However, if the journey is planned, regardless of the time and place, it is most convenient to buy a ticket from the website and app,” added Randveer.

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