Israel Palestine War Live Updates Hamas Attacks Gaza Strip Israeli Army started war in West Bank Benjamin Netanyahu | Israel-Hamas War Live: 770 Palestinians killed so far, 4,000 injured in Israeli attacks

Israel-Hamas War Live: The situation between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East has once again worsened. Hamas extremists attacked Gaza Strip in the early morning on Saturday (7 October 2023). First of all they fired 5000 rockets at Israel and then they entered Israel by continuously attacking through land.

During the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, a total of 704 people have died and 2,616 have been injured in Gaza and the West Bank. Whereas in Israel, 900 people have died and 3800 are injured. During this period, Hamas has kidnapped hundreds of Israeli citizens and has also killed many people.

Amidst the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, UAE also supported Israel in the war. UAE is the only Islamic country which has supported Israel in the war. Apart from this, countries like America, UK, France and India have supported Israel.

In an address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a stern warning to Hamas and said that Israel did not start this war but we will end it. He also compared Hamas with ISIS. He said that Israel is at war. We did not want this war. It was started in the most cruel way. Although Israel did not start this war, Israel will end it.

The Israeli Army had also informed yesterday that they are establishing their control near the border of Gaza Strip. During this period, the Israeli army also attacked more than 500 positions of Hamas. Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant on Monday ordered a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip and said that the authorities should cut off the power supply and prevent food and fuel from reaching there.

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