Israel Palestine War 300 Deaths 1700 Injured Know The Gaza Strip Situation

Israel Palestine War Updates: The war continues between Israel and Palestine. So far in this war, 300 people have died on the Israeli side and about 1590 people are injured. Whereas from Gaza side, 232 people died and 1790 people were injured. According to information received from sources, Hamas has taken about 164 Israeli citizens hostage. Many Hamas fighters infiltrated into the Israeli border. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war and said that the enemies would have to pay a heavy price for it.

According to the Israeli army, Hamas extremists fired more than 2 thousand rockets from the Gaza Strip. In response, Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip destroyed a tower in the center of Gaza city. Israel’s army said that Hamas infiltrated from 7 places through air and sea border and its soldiers are fighting with Hamas fighters. On the other hand, Hamas has claimed that it has fired 5 thousand rockets.

‘Fighting going on at 22 places’

Israeli army spokesman Richard Hecht said, “There is fighting going on in 22 places in Israel.” The army has asked people in 7 areas of Gaza Strip to leave their homes and take shelter in shelter homes. The army is attacking Hamas positions here.

‘Weapons provided in Iran’

According to news agency ANI, Israel Defense and Security Forum advisor Daniel Seaman said, “Around 6:30 in the morning, Hamas fired more than a thousand rockets towards Israel. They attacked Israeli military posts and killed their soldiers. Besides, Hamas terrorists also took many people hostage.

He also claimed that the rockets that were fired at Israel were received from Iran. At least 2000 injured people are undergoing treatment in Israeli hospitals.

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