Israel Palestine Conflict Hamas Off The Shelf Drones Destroy Million Dollar Hardware – Israel Palestine Conflict: How Hamas drones destroyed Israel’s hardware worth millions of dollars

Israel Palestine Conflict: How Hamas drones destroyed Israel's hardware worth millions of dollars

Tel Aviv:

Palestinian organization Hamas continues its fierce attack on Israel since Saturday. Israel is also responding to Hamas attacks. This time, Hamas used a strategy to attack Israel (Israel Palestine Conflict), which military experts say has rarely been used before. Hamas used operated gliders to enter heavily armed fighters into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Along with this, Hamas also deployed armed commercial drones to destroy Israel’s security system.

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More than 3600 people have died so far on the fifth day of the Israel-Hamas war. Of these, about 1200 are Israelis. At the same time, about 950 Palestinians have also lost their lives so far. 9 United Nations (UN) staff have also been killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza. The UN confirmed this on Wednesday.

Hamas used commercial four-rotor drones to drop small bombs on Israel. These looked like mortar rounds. Military analysts say that Hamas had not used such weapons for attacks before. Weaponized commercial drones are easily available at electronics stores. They were seen for the first time during the Ukraine war. YouTube and Instagram bloggers use it to create reels.

Ukrainian forces are also using small drones equipped with improvised grenades and mortar rounds to attack armored elements of Russian troops. The cost of such drones is very low, it can deactivate the enemy vehicle. Can even neutralize soldiers.

When Hamas carried out terrorist attacks on Israel on Saturday, it also used commercial drones equipped with small bombs. Hamas fighters destroyed the border with bulldozers. Drones were also used to attack Israeli watch towers. Israeli watch towers are covered on the sides, but they do not have a roof. The bombs dropped from the drone fell directly on the gunner’s seat, destroying Israel’s first line of border defense.

A video being shared on social media shows that Hamas destroyed an Israeli Merkava Mark IV tank with a drone. Tanks usually have a thin cover, which is also its weakest part. This is why some of the most effective human-portable anti-tank missile systems, like the Javelin, employ a top-down attack.

Military strategists around the world are now becoming aware of the threat posed by drones. Many countries have invested in anti-drone technology such as jammers to disable or override drone controls.

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