Israel-Hamas War: The German girl whom Hamas paraded naked is still alive! Mother made an emotional appeal

Berlin: The mother of the 22-year-old German woman who was abducted and paraded naked by Hamas terrorists claims she may be alive. Ricarda, the mother of Shani Lauk, the woman seen in the viral video half-naked surrounded by Hamas fighters in the back of a pickup truck, said she has received information from Palestinian sources confirming that her daughter is alive.

Speaking to German news website Bild, he said the family now had proof he was alive but his condition was ‘very serious’. Ricarda also said that ‘every minute is important’ because her daughter suffered serious head injuries. He has now urged the German government to help get his daughter out of the war-torn area. Shani was reportedly attending a music concert near the Gaza border in southern Israel when the terrorist organization Hamas attacked and kidnapped her.

Lauk, who came to visit Israel, was a tattoo artist by profession.
In a video circulated on social media, 30-year-old Lauk was shown dancing with a group of girls. Ricardo said that when she last saw her daughter, she was unconscious in a car driven by Hamas terrorists, so she cannot yet accept that her daughter has died. Shani Lauk was a tattoo artist by profession. She came to Israel on a tourist visa. His mother Ricarda is in Germany.

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Shani Louk’s credit card used in GazaApart from this, Ricarda also talked about robbery with her daughter. He said that he had received information from a bank that Shani Lauk’s credit card had been used in Gaza. In the video that went viral of Shani being captured by Hamas terrorists, his face was not visible. But, his family members identified him after seeing the tattoos on his body. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised a strong response to what he described as a ‘brutal and vicious war’ against Israel.

Israel killed 1500 Hamas terrorists who entered the houseSo far, more than 1200 civilians have died in the attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel. Around 150 Israeli security forces are also included in these. Apart from this, around 200 Israelis and some foreign citizens are under the control of Hamas. Israel claims that it has established its control in the Gaza Strip border areas. The IDF has claimed to have killed 15 Hamas fighters who had entered Israel. At the same time, the Israeli Air Force’s air strikes on the Gaza Strip are continuing. More than 950 people have died so far in the Gaza Strip, while more than 1200 infrastructures have been destroyed.


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