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Israel Hamas War Live: The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has entered its seventh day. The Israeli Air Force is continuously attacking the Gaza Strip. Because of this the situation there is worsening. After the closure of Gaza’s only power plant, it has become difficult to treat people in hospitals. Due to Israeli airstrike on Gaza, the entire area is turning into dust.

The number of people who lost their lives in Israel due to the Hamas attack is around 1300, while 3,418 people have been injured. At the same time, 1,537 people have died in Israel’s airstrike in Gaza, while 6,612 people are injured. More than 1500 Hamas fighters have also been killed inside Israel. If we talk about the West Bank, so far 32 people have lost their lives there, while 600 people are injured. Something similar happened in Lebanon also where 5 people have died.

Keeping in mind the kind of situation that has arisen in Israel, the Government of India has started Operation ‘Ajay’. Its purpose is to bring back Indians who want to return to India from Israel. The government has also made it clear that only those people will be brought back who are willing to return to India. Air India flight carrying 212 Indians landed at Delhi airport at 5.54 am.

An official statement on Israel-Hamas was also issued by India on Thursday. Regarding Palestine, the statement said, ‘Our policy in this regard has been long-term and consistent. India has always advocated the resumption of direct negotiations with Israel for the establishment of a sovereign, independent and viable Palestine within secure and recognized borders, as well as peaceful relations with Israel. This stance remains in place.

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