Israel Hamas War Live: Rocket attacks are still happening in Israel, Adani Group said – we are keeping an eye on the situation – Israel Hamas War Live Updates: Israel Palestine Gaza Strip Missile Attack Reason Between Israel And Hamas

05:54 PM, 09-Oct-2023

Shocking statement of Pakistani Maulana Fazlur on Israel war

Maulana Fazlur Rehman
– Photo: ANI

Amid reactions over the Israel crisis, a flamboyant Pakistani religious and political leader, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, has termed the Hamas terror attack as a “historic success”, a media report said on Monday. Maulana has vowed to stand with the people of Palestine after the deadly attack on Israel. According to The Express Tribune newspaper report, during a press conference in Peshawar on Sunday, Jamiat Ulema-e Islam-Fazal (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said, the attack on Israel is a clear proof that the Palestine issue is not over.

04:25 PM, 09-Oct-2023

Condition of Gaza Strip after Israeli army action

After the terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel, the army has given a befitting reply. Israeli army has carried out airstrikes in Gaza Strip. The scene after the military action is disturbing. Debris, fire and smoke can be seen in the visuals.

03:31 PM, 09-Oct-2023

Israel is still being attacked

According to Israeli media, rocket attacks are still taking place on Israel, sirens are still being heard in Jerusalem and southern Israel. According to the media, some suspicious aircraft have been seen near the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army may have to fight a long battle to take back the cities which were captured by Hamas terrorists.

02:30 PM, 09-Oct-2023

Adani Group issued statement

Adani Group’s Adani Ports and SEZ Limited said that in such difficult times, our thoughts are with the people of Israel. We are monitoring the situation closely. Let us tell you that Hamas has attacked the northern area of ​​Israel and it is here that Haifa port is located. Haifa Port is operated by Adani Group. Adani Group said that all our employees are safe and all necessary steps have been taken for their safety. We are completely alert about the situation.

01:35 PM, 09-Oct-2023

Many foreign citizens killed in Israel

Many foreign citizens have also been killed in Israel in Hamas attacks. These also include Americans and 12 Thai citizens. Thailand has said that 11 of its citizens have also been kidnapped. After the Hamas attack, Hungary has evacuated 215 of its citizens from Israel.

12:46 PM, 09-Oct-2023

Israel deployed one lakh soldiers

Fighting is going on between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists at 7-8 places around the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Army has said that Hamas terrorists are still crossing the border and entering their country. In such a situation, citizens have been advised to remain alert. Israel has deployed about one lakh soldiers in the fight against Hamas. Also, the Israeli Air Force has destroyed more than 500 alleged bases of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

12:40 PM, 09-Oct-2023

Hamas terrorists still present in Israeli cities

The Israeli Army has said that Hamas terrorists are still roaming in the cities of Israel. The army has asked people to be alert and cautious. Even today, sounds of gunfire can be heard in many cities of Israel. At the same time, 436 people have lost their lives in Gaza due to Israeli air strikes. Palestinian health officials have revealed this figure. According to him, 91 children and 61 women were also among the dead. 2200 people have also been injured in Gaza.

11:46 AM, 09-Oct-2023

Why did the supporters of ‘Hamas’ say that they will take revenge from India?

The website of Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas was hacked after the attack on Israel. By doing this, not only the information given by Hamas to its supporting countries but also the sought cooperation has been closed. Frustrated by the cyber attack on them, cyber hackers supporting the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas have accused India of being behind their hacked website. Not only this, many groups of hackers together tried to target many websites of India. Read the full news…

11:31 AM, 09-Oct-2023

Indian woman injured in Hamas attack on Israel

An Indian woman is also among those injured in the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. The woman is a resident of the Indian state of Kerala and was living and working in Israel for the last several years. The condition of the woman is critical and she is undergoing treatment in the hospital. At the same time, 10 Nepalese civilians have also been killed in the Hamas attack. Nepal’s Embassy has confirmed this. Read the full news…

11:04 AM, 09-Oct-2023

Indians living in America united against Hamas attack

The conflict continues between terrorist organization Hamas and Israel. So far, more than a thousand people have died in these attacks. After the attacks by Hamas, Indian Americans have come out in support of Israel. Indian-Americans, including Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, two candidates from the Republican Party in the presidential election, said that we are with Israel. Read the full news…

10:44 AM, 09-Oct-2023

Israel: Hamas is continuously launching rockets from the Gaza Strip over Israel’s Ashkelon. Fighting between Hamas and Israeli forces continues for the second day.

10:21 AM, 09-Oct-2023

Attack on Israel celebrated with Palestinian flag in Canada itself

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has strongly condemned the attack on Israel by Hamas. Trudeau’s reaction to this attack on Israel has come when he himself is facing criticism from India for not taking adequate action against Khalistani supporters. Following Trudeau’s reaction to the Hamas attack, a video has surfaced on the Internet in which some youth are seen celebrating the attack on Israel with Palestinian flags on the streets of Mississauga, Ontario. Read the full news…

10:00 AM, 09-Oct-2023

Crude oil surge after Hamas attacks on Israel

Geopolitical tension in the Middle East has reached its peak after Hamas’ attack on Israel. Meanwhile, crude oil prices have jumped 4.5 percent to $87 per barrel. This is in contrast to the eight percent decline in oil prices last week. Hamas’ attack on Israel has raised alarm bells in the global oil market. This is due to the region’s importance as a major oil producer and export centre. Read full news

09:32 AM, 09-Oct-2023

‘We will not let the world forget the atrocities committed on our country’, Israel in UN

The conflict between the two continues after the terrorist organization Hamas’s sudden attack on Israel on Saturday morning. So far, more than a thousand people have died in these attacks. Meanwhile, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) in New York, Gilad Erdan, said that this is Israel’s 9/11. Also, targeted the United Nations (UN). He said that when it comes to Israel, the memory of the United Nations becomes very weak, the terror which we quickly end becomes a side note. However, this will not happen this time. Read the full news…

09:11 AM, 09-Oct-2023

Hamas attack on Israel celebrated in London

After the Hamas attack on Israel, a video of celebrations on the streets of London has surfaced. Let us tell you that more than 700 people have lost their lives in Israel in the Hamas attack. While the whole world is shocked by this attack, people were seen celebrating in support of Hamas attack on the streets of London. After the incident, London Metropolitan Police has increased patrolling. The Metropolitan Department said through a social media post that ‘We are aware of these incidents, in which news related to the ongoing conflict in Israel on the Gaza border is being shared on social media. We are in touch with leaders of various communities. Read the full news…

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