Israel Hamas War Live: Israel ready for ‘last war’ on Gaza, gave ultimatum to people to vacate the area

Tel Aviv: In the current conflict between Hamas and Israel, 2329 Palestinians have died and it has become the deadliest war for Palestinians among the 5 Gaza wars. Gaza’s Health Ministry gave this information. According to UN data, 2251 Palestinians were killed in the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, of which 1462 were civilians. The death toll in the current war on Sunday crossed the death toll of the 2014 war.

The war in 2014 lasted six weeks and resulted in the deaths of 74 people on the Israeli side, including six civilians. The current war started about a week ago when Hamas terrorists suddenly attacked southern Israel. More than 1,300 Israelis have been killed in these attacks, including a large number of civilians. For Israel, this is proving to be the deadliest war since the 1973 war with Egypt and Syria.

Israel to launch ‘coordinated’ attack in Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip
The Israeli army is preparing to launch a ‘coordinated’ attack in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip from today. More than 1 million people living in northern Gaza have been told to flee the area ahead of the expected attack. Israel has already cut off the supply of food, water and electricity to Gaza. Meanwhile, with President Joe Biden emphasizing on the safety of civilians, the US has deployed its second aircraft carrier ‘USS Dwight D Eisenhower’ in the Mediterranean Sea to prevent hostile actions against Israel. Under the ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation’ (IOC), many Islamic countries have also called an ‘urgent extraordinary meeting’ in Saudi Arabia to discuss the war.

Thousands of Gaza residents have fled the city
Thousands of Gaza residents have fled the city after Israeli forces ordered its population of more than one million to evacuate for their own safety. Israel said on Saturday that it would keep two roads open until 4:00 pm to allow people to flee to the south. As an Israeli ground offensive now seems imminent, Netanyahu tells Israeli troops outside the Gaza Strip, ‘Are you ready for the next step? The next phase is coming. The Palestinian Health Ministry said in a report on Saturday that at least 2,329 Palestinians have been killed and 9,814 others have been injured due to Israeli attacks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

America’s largest aircraft carrier is the USS Gerald R. Ford has already reached the Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli military has expressed readiness to expand its war on Gaza with coordinated attacks from ‘air, sea and land’. Russia has asked the UN Security Council on Monday to vote on a draft resolution on the Israel-Hamas conflict that calls for a humanitarian ceasefire and condemns all acts of violence and terrorism against civilians. The one-page draft resolution also calls for the release of hostages, humanitarian aid access and the safe evacuation of civilians in need. Israel and Palestinians are mentioned in it but Hamas has not been named directly.

Hezbollah should stay away from Israel and Hamas conflict: France
Palestinian Wafa news agency says that in the last 24 hours, more than 400 Palestinians have been killed and 1500 others have been injured in the Israeli bombardment on Gaza. This includes 260 deaths in Gaza City, 80 in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip and 40 in the northern Jabalya refugee camp. An additional 10 Palestinians were killed in the city of Beit Lahiya, while 20 were killed in the southern town of Khan Yunis. France on Saturday expressed concern over the situation on the Lebanon-Israel border and urged the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia to stay out of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Paris also called for the protection of journalists covering the Israel-Hamas war.

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