Israel-Hamas War: Despite being an Arab, he was treating Israelis, shot by Hamas terrorists; IDF recognized as their hero

AP, Jerusalem. When Hamas suddenly attacked Israel, they also targeted some Jews at a music concert in southern Israel. During that time, thousands of Jews were present there, and an Israeli Arab paramedic was also present among them. He considered it more important to save the lives of the people trapped there and did not run away from there, due to which after some time he too had to become the target of bullets of Hamas terrorists.

Awad Daravesh was deployed for emergency service

In fact, Awad Daravshe was 23 years old, he was there not to be a part of the music concert, but as an employee of Yossi Ambulance, which was deployed for emergency services.

Become a victim while treating the injured

In the early morning of October 7, missile warning shots started ringing in the Israeli capital and rockets started falling continuously from the sky. There was a flurry of bullets everywhere. During that time, concertgoers suddenly started running towards the paramedics station, injured and covered in blood, but soon chaos escalated. As the attack by Hamas militants intensified, everyone was asked to evacuate the paramedics station, but Darawshe refused to leave because he was treating some of the injured. Then suddenly, while dressing an injured person, he was shot.

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Awad stayed to coordinate between the terrorists and the injured.

A few days later, after his body was identified, other paramedics present at the scene told Daravshe’s family why he chose to stay. In fact, Darawshe felt that because he was an Arab himself, he would be able to broker a compromise between the Hamas men and the people trapped in the paramedics station. “He told his comrades that he knew Arabic and would handle the situation,” Daravesh’s cousin said, speaking to news agency Reuters.

However, Daravesh’s decision to think about the welfare of all left his entire family with a memory they would never forget throughout their life. His cousin said, “He gave us a lot of pain, he caused us a lot of suffering, he gave us a lot of sorrow, but he also brought us a lot of pride, because he decided to remain on his mission until the last moment.”

Thousands of people attended the funeral

His funeral was held on Friday in Ixelles, a small Arab-majority village about 5 kilometers south-east of Nazareth. During that time thousands of people gathered to pay tribute to him. The Daravshe family has lived in Ixelles for generations. They are part of Israel’s Palestinian Arab minority, which makes up about 20 percent of the population. The family are descendants of Palestinians who remained in the country after the war that followed the creation of Israel in 1948.

1300 Israelis have died so far

Unlike Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, they are full citizens of Israel, but face discrimination. Tensions rise again and again between them and Jewish Israelis. So far, more than 1,300 Israelis have been killed in this attack and there, more than 2,300 Palestinians have been killed. This massacre is the largest massacre in the history of Israel.

Daravshe’s death was confirmed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry in a social media post. The post said that Hamas not only killed Darawsheh, but also stole his ambulance and took him to Gaza. The Foreign Ministry called Daravshe, “a hero.”

‘We are proud of them’

Let us tell you that Shaheed Daravesh’s cousin Mohammad Daravesh is the director of strategy at Givat Haviv’s Center for Shared Society. Actually, this organization works to reduce the distance between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. Mohammed Darawshe said, “We are very proud of his actions. That’s what we expected of him and that’s what we expect of everyone in our family: to be a human being, to remain a human being and to die a human being.”

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