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Iran New Hijab Law: Last year there were massive protests against hijab in Iran. In these demonstrations that started after the death of Mahsa Amini, hundreds of people lost their lives, many people were given death sentence and thousands of people were put in jail by the hardline government of Iran. The women’s protest against hijab in Iran had reached such a stage in which Iran started burning. The hardline government of Iran used all its power to crush the movement and demonstration. Despite this, the women standing on the streets were not ready to retreat.



Now once again the fundamentalist government of Iran has become strict towards women. The Iranian Parliament has passed a bill related to this. In this bill, there is talk of implementing a dress code regarding the clothes of both men and women. This means that in Iran, along with women, the new rules will also apply to men. What is there in the bill passed by the Iranian Parliament and why it is being said to snatch the freedom of Iranian women. Let us understand this.

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According to this bill, a new dress code will be implemented in Iran.
– The new dress code will apply to men as well as women.
According to this bill, there will be a ban on women wearing tight clothes.
– Women cannot wear clothes in which any part of the body is visible.
– If women are caught without hijab and found guilty, they will be sentenced to ten years in prison.
– Men will also have to wear clothes according to the new dress code.
– Men will be prohibited from wearing such clothes in which their chest or the part above the ankles is visible.

The hardline government of Iran has brought this bill at a time when women’s resentment has come to the fore again on the anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death. It is clear from this step of the Iranian government that there has been no difference in the thinking of the fundamentalist government regarding women.

The bill which has been passed by the Parliament of Iran will now be sent to the guardian council.
– The guardian council in Iran is a group of clerics and legal experts.
– This will become a law after being passed by the guardian council.
– 152 votes were cast in support of this bill in Parliament, while 34 votes were cast in opposition. Apart from these, seven MPs did not vote.

You might remember that last year in Iran, women took to the streets in large numbers and cut their hair in protest against hijab. The women had set fire to their head scarves. Iranian women came out on the streets in western dress. The Islamic government had become helpless in front of this protest. For the first time in Iran, women had protested against the government on such a large scale. Due to this, Ibrahim Raisi’s government was also on the back foot. Therefore, now an attempt has been made to shackle women once again by introducing a new bill. So that from now on no woman raises voice against the government. Therefore, in the bill passed by the Iranian Parliament, the punishment has also been increased.

– In the proposed law, the punishment has been increased to ten years, which was earlier 10 days to 2 months.
– Earlier in Iran, if a woman did not wear hijab, she would have been fined Rs 100 to Rs 800, but in the new bill it has been said that the fine would be Rs 3 lakh to Rs 6 lakh.
Apart from these, those who, in collaboration with media, NGOs or foreign governments, ‘promote obscenity’ or make fun of hijab, will definitely be fined and jailed. Besides, fine will also be imposed on those vehicle owners in which women are traveling without hijab.

Iran is an Islamic country and the fundamentalist government here does not like the women raising their voice in this country. After the passing of this bill in the Parliament, once again a big debate has started in Iran regarding women’s freedom. All this is not happening in slave Iran, rather the current government of Iran is doing all this against its own people. Iran, which was once known as a progressive country, today has fanaticism at its peak, this new bill is also a part of that.

The Islamic government of Iran has once again played the game of new law to snatch away the freedom of women. But the women of Iran are fighting for their lives and freedom. Freedom from the hijab that they are being forced to wear, freedom from the thinking that makes them second class citizens. And freedom from the social chains that keep them bound.

Iran is not the only country in the world where there are strict rules regarding hijab. Hijab is banned in many countries of the world. Switzerland has banned wearing burqa just 2 days ago. The lower house of the Swiss Parliament has approved it on 20 September 2023. According to this
– Wearing a burqa that covers the nose, mouth and eyes in public places will be considered illegal in Switzerland.
– For doing this, a fine of one thousand Swiss francs i.e. about ninety-two thousand rupees will be imposed.
With this, Switzerland has joined those European countries which have banned the burqa.

– Earlier, countries like France, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria and Netherlands have banned it. Outside Europe, burqa is banned in China and Sri Lanka also. Not only this, there are many countries which have made strict rules regarding burqa. Among these countries are Muslim countries like Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Syria and Kosovo, where there are strict rules regarding burqa. That is, many countries of the world are against burqa and there rules have also been made regarding it. In view of the terrorist activities in Bulgaria, the government has completely banned covering the face due to security concerns.

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