Iran Hijab Controversy Moral Police Beaten 16 Year Old Girl Armit Garavand Now In Coma

Iran Hijab Rules: The genie of hijab has once again come out in Iran. A 16-year-old girl was beaten by moral police for not wearing a hijab near a Tehran metro station. Due to this the girl has gone into coma. He is being treated in the hospital amid tight security. After this incident, once again people have started raising their voice regarding hijab.

Kurdish-centric rights group Hengaw said regarding this incident that the name of the girl is Armita Garvand. He had a confrontation with female police officers near the Tehran metro. During this, the police beat her badly, due to which she got injured. By the time she reached the hospital, she had gone into a coma. Iranian officials say that these allegations are wrong. The girl fainted due to low blood pressure. Hengo said Garvand suffered serious injuries after being caught and physically assaulted by agents of the so-called morality police at Tehran’s Shohada metro station on Sunday. Top police officers are lying about low blood pressure.

Tight security outside the hospital

Seeing the anger among the people, the local police is already on alert mode. The girl is undergoing treatment under tight security at Fajr Hospital in Tehran. Right now no one is allowed to meet the victim. Not even from his family. In the case of Mahsa Amini, the Iranian government has seen at what level the protests took place. One year after the death of Mahsa Amini, the police do not want to get into this mess again.

There was an uproar in the country regarding Mahsa Amini.

Mahsa Amini was detained for not wearing hijab. He died due to beating in custody. After this incident, protests against hijab started in Iran. Hundreds of people were killed and thousands of arrests were made in the violent protests that lasted for several months. After a lot of struggle, the Iranian government controlled these demonstrations.

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