IPACC: ‘The dreams of millions rest on the foundation of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region’; Statement by General Manoj Pande – Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande Calls For Embracing Unity Of Effort For Peace And Stability In Indo-Pacific


Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region are not abstract ideals and are the foundation on which the dreams and aspirations of millions of people rest. The Indian Army is committed to these ideals. He appealed to like-minded countries to adopt the concept of ‘unity of endeavor’ as the guiding principle to face the multifaceted challenges facing the Indo-Pacific region.

Army Chief General Manoj Pandey was speaking at the concluding session of the Indo-Pacific Region Army Chiefs Conference (IPACC). The Indian Army hosted a two-day conference to develop a common strategy to ensure peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Representatives of more than 30 countries participated in it, including the chiefs of about 15 armies. The Army Chief said that the common understanding achieved on various issues should now pave the way for our overall action in future.

It is in this spirit of solidarity that I urge each of us to adopt the concept of ‘Unity of Endeavor’ as our guiding principle. Solving challenges requires creativity, innovation, flexibility and inclusive collaboration. He said that I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the trust that all of you fostered and helped build during the discussions. We have asserted that despite our geographical separation, we are united in our commitment to peace and stability.

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