Inquire about commercial licenses and shop licenses in detail

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Questions about business licenses The official portal of the UAE government has provided many electronic services directly to facilitate things for all citizens. Among these services there is also an inquiry about commercial licenses, and this is what allows us to provide you with steps to inquire about commercial licenses in this article through the Egypt Brief website.

Now you can learn how to inquire about business licenses electronically using a personal card or license number in simple steps, and we have collected this for you through an article: Store license inquiry using a license or card number of identity

Learn about business licenses

The UAE government has provided many services to all citizens to make things easier for them and save time and effort. The most important of them is the ability to inquire about commercial licenses in the Emirates, so that citizens can now know all the information related to commercial records and commercial licenses registered with all government agencies.

They know the need for every citizen to obtain these licenses in order to be able to carry out all commercial activities in all areas of life, and this is done through the following:

  • Write the citizen’s personal identification number instead of the investigation.
  • Click on the search icon to inquire about all matters related to business licenses in the United Arab Emirates.

Learn about business licenses in Abu Dhabi

  • Citizens will now be able to inquire about commercial licenses by going to the Citizens’ Portal, where commercial licenses registered in the name of the citizen will be identified.
  • In addition, all the economic activities carried out by the citizen through this portal will be known using these licenses.
  • When you enter this portal, all detailed information about the license will be queried from the day it is used until it expires.
  • Questions related to commercial licenses are made by entering the page below: .

The National Economic Registry of the United Arab Emirates

  • Each city in the United Arab Emirates has a page that helps one to inquire about commercial licenses in the United Arab Emirates, according to each city the citizen attends.
  • The page to which the citizen belongs will be accessed from this city, after which all the information about commercial licenses will be indicated.

Dealer license question

Many people are looking for the methods used to verify the license of the store, and this is done by following these steps:

  • The person who wants to register must enter his data site.
  • Select the service related to the inquiry about the trade license of the commercial activity.
  • After entering the license to be requested, all the data related to this license will be displayed.
  • After completing this step, a page about all the store data will open and you will see it after entering your ID number.
  • The validity of the license and whether it has been reactivated or still usable will be displayed.

Get store licensing information using the license number

The Kingdom has provided a good service for all citizens to inquire about licenses for shops with the ID number, by following the following steps:

  • A person must go to the website of the city they are in, and as mentioned before, each city has its own website.
  • After that, click on electronic services, and the person will select the service they want to look for, including the urgent inquiry about the store license.

Instructions to be followed to renew store license

  • The area of ​​the shop is 150 square meters.
  • The activity carried out in this shop is registered according to the commercial activity.
  • Provide safe conditions for the work you do.

In the previous lines, we have provided ways to ask about commercial licenses, and if you want to know more, you can contact us through your comments

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