Indonesia Whoosh Bullet Train Speed ​​Update| Whoosh Project Cost | Speed ​​of 350km/h, 142 km long railway line prepared with the help of China

Jakarta, Indonesia4 hours ago

Indonesian President Joko Widodo flagged off the “woosh” high-speed bullet train on Monday.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Monday launched the high-speed bullet train built with the help of China. It will connect Bandung city to Indonesia’s capital Jakarta.

The average speed of this train named ‘Whoosh’ is 350 kilometers per hour.

A 142 km long railway line has also been built with the help of China. The total cost of this entire project is 7.3 billion dollars i.e. more than Rs. 6 thousand crores.

Voosh has been given an edgy look from the front side. Due to this it gets faster speed.

This is one of the important projects of China
According to Reuters, Indonesian and Chinese companies have worked together to complete the project. A lot of difficulties had to be faced in completing it. Railways had started work on it in 2019, but due to the Corona epidemic and economic problems, the project took a long time to complete.

This was an important project of President Joko Widodo and the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

Video taken from inside Voosh. The train runs at a speed of 350 km per hour.

The train also runs on electricity
Due to its high speed, it makes a ‘whoosh’ sound, due to which it has been named ‘Whoosh’. President Widodo said that the full name of Whoosh is Waktu Hemat, Operasi Optimal, Sistem Handal i.e. Time Saving, Optimal Operation, Reliable System. This train also runs on electricity.

President Widodo traveled in Voosh with his wife Iriana Widodo.

Ticket price can exceed Rs 1,000
President Jokowi has described the project as environmentally friendly and a modernization of mass transportation. At the same time, Minister Luhut Pandjaitan said that the ticket prices of Bullet Train will be implemented around October 15. However, according to BBC, the ticket price could be between 1,331-1,830 rupees (250,000-350,000 Indonesian rupiah).

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