Indian supporters gave a befitting reply to pro-Hamas hackers, now DRDO took charge. Indian supporters gave a befitting reply to ‘Hamas’ pro-hackers, now DRDO took charge

Hamas Supporter cyber attack: Hamas’s terrorist attack against Israel is being criticized all over the world. While on one hand America, France, Germany and Britain are openly supporting Israel, on the other hand India is also supporting it. After India’s support, pro-Palestinian hackers have also become active and are trying to target important sites of the Indian government. Amidst all this, pro-India groups (Indian cyber supporters) have also openly come into the field.



Indian supporters responded
India’s cyber establishment has foiled these cyber attacks, the special thing is that on Monday an attempt was made to target the site of Delhi Government and AIIMS. In response, pro-India factions targeted the Palestinian National Bank and the National Telecommunication Company. Hamas’s site was even disabled for some time. Let us tell you that a group named Ghosts of Palestine has also invited other hackers to target the infrastructure of India and Israel.

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After the Hamas attack, DRDO has been given an important responsibility to ensure that hackers do not target Indian government sites. DRDO has also started trying to stop these cyber attacks with the help of its cyber wing CERT-N. Let us tell you that the war between Israel and Hamas (israel hamas conflict) is going on for the last four days. Israel has said that it has responded strongly to Hamas attacks. Will completely eliminate the existence of Hamas. Amidst all this, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said that Hamas terrorists are barbaric and evil, AI is more human than them. Along with this, Israel has asked the people to leave the Gaza Strip and go to Egypt.

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