Indian High Commissioner UK Vikram Doraiswami; Khalistan Radicals Misbehave. Glasgow Gurudwara | Khalistani supporters sent him back; Said- People of Indian Government cannot come here

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Khalistani supporters sending the Indian High Commission in a car outside Glasgow Gurudwara in Scotland.

Indian High Commissioner to Britain Vikram Doraiswami was stopped by Khalistanis from visiting a Gurudwara in Scotland. This is the same Gurudwara where Doraiswami had come to hold a meeting with the Gurdwara Committee regarding Khalistan activities.

The video of the incident is going viral on social media. In this, Khalistan supporters are seen surrounded by the Indian High Commission Doraiswami outside the Gurudwara and he is being stopped from entering the Gurudwara. After this Doraiswamy sat in a car and left from there. Even after his departure, Khalistan supporters were seen in the video instructing him to never come there again.

BJP leader Maninder Singh Sirsa gave a statement on sending back the Indian High Commissioner to Scotland from the Gurudwara.

Khalistani supporter said- Indian government people cannot come to Gurudwara
A Khalistani supporter, who was among those who stopped the High Commissioner, said – We had come to know that the Indian ambassador was going to come here. When we stopped him, he sat in the car and went back. The same thing will happen to any person from the Government of India coming to the Gurudwara, no matter on what pretext he is coming here. We know what they are trying to do.

We saw what happened in Canada. Canada’s PM clearly condemned India and expelled its diplomat. In such a situation, it is very wrong to invite them to visit the Gurudwara.

BJP leader said- India is the safest place for Sikhs
After this incident, BJP leader Maninder Singh Sirsa said- I condemn what happened in Scotland. Anyone has full right to visit Gurudwara. Our religion does not call for spreading violence but rather we protect humanity. PM Modi had also praised our community. India is the safest place for Sikhs.

Second major incident after the attack on London Embassy
This incident is the second major incident after the attack on the Indian High Commission in London in March. In March, Khalistani supporters reached the Indian High Commission and vandalized it. After this, the tricolor flag installed there was also removed. They were protesting against the ongoing action against Amritpal Singh in India. After this, for the first time the NIA team went outside the country for investigation.

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