India-China tension: When will the wait for international flights in Nepal’s airports end?

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Nepal’s Bhairahawa Airport was commissioned in May 2022 but international flights are not coming here yet.

This bright orange colored hotel looks different as far as the eye can see, but unfortunately for its owner Vishnu Sharma, there is no one here to see this hotel.

This hotel in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal, has a spectacular view of the mountains.

But the hope of increasing the number of tourists could not become reality. One reason for this is the increasing tension between Nepal’s two powerful neighboring countries, India and China.

According to Lumbini Development Trust, about one million tourists will reach Lumbini in the year 2022. It was this number keeping in mind that the government spent about 76 million dollars on the construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport in May last year.

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