How to pay the lowest possible rate for Apple iPhone 15 in India? Prices in other countries, discounts and benefits | 4 ways by which you can buy iPhone 15 cheaply, starting price ₹ 79,900

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Booking of iPhone-15 series of America’s leading tech company Apple has started 4 days in advance. Customers can book the models of this series from Apple’s official website and e-commerce websites Flipkart and Amazon. These will start being available from 22nd September.

However, compared to other countries, Indian customers still find it expensive to buy an iPhone. Whereas, iPhone-15 series models are also being assembled in India. Apple launched the iPhone 15 series at its Wanderlust event on September 12.

Pro Max model ₹ 60,000 costlier in India than in America
In India, the Pro Max model of iPhone 15 is ₹ 60,000 costlier than in America. There is a difference of about ₹ 13 thousand in the iPhone-15 model.

The starting price of iPhone 15 in India is ₹ 79,900 and the price of Pro Max is ₹ 1,59,900. Whereas in America the same iPhone-15 model is available for $799 i.e. ₹66,589 and Pro Max for $1199 i.e. ₹99,925.

You can buy iPhone 15 cheaply through these methods

  • iPhones have always been cheaper in the US and Canada compared to many other countries including India due to the lack of taxes and import duties. If any of your friends or family members lives in America or Canada, then you can ask him to buy an iPhone for you from there and bring it to India on his next visit.
  • Similarly, buying iPhone-15 from Dubai will be cheaper. Due to being a duty-free port, electronic goods are available cheap in Dubai. Apart from this, you can save money by waiting for seasonal discounts. In America, discounts are available on many electronic items including iPhone-15 during Black Friday and Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • Many banks and credit card companies provide discounts on iPhone. You can check their offers. Additionally, there are many credit card companies that provide cash-back incentives, promotional credits or points that can be used for future purchases. Check this also.
  • Avoid rushing to buy a new iPhone series right after its release. Because, the price of a new model drops a few months after its initial release. If you can wait a bit, you can save a decent amount of money on your purchase.

Why is iPhone sold expensive here despite being made in India?
iPhone 15 is being assembled in India. Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group has set up a plant in Sriperumbudur near Chennai for assembling. Its various parts are imported, on which custom duty is imposed.

For example, iPhone display is manufactured by Samsung, on which 20% import duty is imposed. Apart from this, import duty and GST is applicable on circuit boards, transistors, processors. Putting all this together, the price of the final product becomes higher.

Whereas the Pro series is not assembled in India. These are being completely imported. The government imposes 22% import duty and 2% social welfare surcharge on these. 18% GST is also applicable. Because of this the total tax becomes around 40%.

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