Himachal: Government will bring special relief package for disaster affected, CM Sukhu announced in the House – Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Monsoon Session First Day In Shimla Live Updates

The monsoon session of Himachal Pradesh Assembly has started today. The proceedings of the House started with the national anthem. Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania greeted all the members of the ruling party and the opposition. He appealed to all the members to cooperate in conducting the proceedings of the House. He said that he hopes that the members of the ruling party and the opposition will discuss in this seven-day long House within the ambit of the rules.

There will be meaningful discussions in this House on various issues of state interest. Pathania said that Himachal Pradesh is facing disaster. The people of the state have given a lot of cooperation in dealing with this. It is noteworthy that this is the third session of the fourteenth assembly. It will run till 25th September. There will be seven meetings in this. Saturday is usually a holiday during the session but this time there will be no holiday. There will be holiday only on Sunday. Last year only four meetings were held in the monsoon session.

At that time this session had also taken place a month ago. That means it was organized in August itself. This time it is being delayed by more than a month due to the disaster. Paying tribute to late MLA Khubram, a condolence motion was presented in the House. Jairam, Ani MLA Lokendra Kumar also participated in the discussion. Condolences were expressed over the death of hundreds of people due to the disaster in the state. When the condolence ended at 2:20 pm, the Speaker announced Question Hour.

But the opposition stopped all work and asked to discuss only the disaster. BJP members like Rakesh Jamwal, Inder Singh, Balveer Singh Verma, Vipin Singh Parmar etc. gave an adjournment motion under Rule 67. On this, Speaker Pathania said that a notice has also come for discussion on this subject in Rule 102. In such a situation, notice for discussion has already been approved in this rule instead of Rule 67. There was also a minor scuffle between the opposition and ruling party MLAs in the House.

Speaker Pathania said that the Question Hour is being started. On this, Jairam said that on one hand it is being said that the state is going through the biggest tragedy of the century. In such a situation, all work should be stopped and this should be discussed. There is a difference in the meaning of both the proposals of Rule 102 and Rule 67. 441 people have lost their lives. This goes beyond the scope of disaster rules. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan said that this topic is different. There is discussion on the disaster. This has already been told to Jairam Thakur yesterday itself.

This proposal of BJP is politically motivated. The government is worried about this. These people are not able to wait even for half an hour. Discussion should be held in Rule 102. Former CM Shanta Kumar has also praised the way good work has been done in the disaster. NITI Aayog and World Bank have also praised it.

These people are doing politics. The opposition is adamant on the adjournment motion. Speaker Pathania said towards Leader of Opposition Jairam – I understood your sentiment. The subject matter of both is the same. It is my decision that you have to take. If it is the same then we suspend the Question Hour and discuss in Rule 102. He starts this discussion in this rule itself. The Chief Minister moved the motion in Rule 102 instead of Rule 67 and the Question Hour was suspended. On this the opposition started raising slogans in the House.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that 441 people have died in this disaster. Larji project in Kullu has been badly damaged. The power projects of the state have suffered a loss of Rs 1000 crore. The opposition staged a walkout amid the Chief Minister’s statement. After the opposition walked out, CM Sukhu said that at the time of the disaster, BJP people were saying that the monsoon session should be called. This session is not serious today. The government made the proposal under Rule 102. The proposal of these people has also been attached. They should participate in the discussion. But these are not serious.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that the state’s resources have been seriously affected due to the current disaster. Also met the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. The state urgently needs a relief package. Such a disaster had never happened before. This disaster is bigger than Bhuj earthquake, Kedarnath disaster and Joshimath land leakage. On these lines, this disaster in Himachal should be declared a national disaster.

He thanks all the people of the state who contributed generously. He also thanks various governments for their contribution. A person came to me and said that he had never served tea to anyone in his life, he also contributed. He thanks him for it. BJP MLAs have not yet paid one month’s salary. The children have helped by breaking the piggy bank. When the opposition returned to the House, he said that it was good that the BJP MLAs came at the time to present the motion.

The state government will bring a special relief package for the natural disaster affected. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu made this announcement in the Assembly. Presented a government resolution declaring the disaster as a national disaster in the House. The Chief Minister also urged the opposition MLAs to support the resolution.

When MLA asked for tent, FIR lodged in Nachan, withdraw it

Jairam Thakur said that I am not saying that the disaster happened because of the Chief Minister. This is a sign of nature. Negligence has been going on for a long time. Nature has shown signs of improving and recovering. Monsoon is not over. There is still a need to be alert. Before the arrival of rain, a review meeting was held, which was alerted according to the weather forecast.

This meeting did not take place. CM Sukshu said that the meeting was held on June 8. Jayaram said that it did not appear in the media anywhere. Must have been done backdated. You remained busy in the new phase. Had the meeting taken place, preparations would have been fine. Bought tents when disaster struck. When the MLA asked for a tent, an FIR was lodged in Nachan. This is wrong, it should be withdrawn.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that Leader of Opposition Jairam seems to have not come prepared. If help has come from the Centre, then lay the paper on the Table of the House. What has helped you? The central government has given money for your time. He gave one installment in advance. Have we got a special relief package on the lines of Kedarnath? Sukhu said this after Jairam Thakur said that he went to Delhi and is getting help from the Centre. Sukhu said Jairam should go with us to Delhi.

If not with us then come yourself. You used to talk about double engine government. Don’t be afraid to take authority. If you don’t have the courage, take it from us. Jairam said – We have all the information. Is it not true that the Center has not said that it will not give more than this. What did UPA One and Two give? Even if Parchu came, what did he get? Maximum help was received during the time of Modi government. If someone’s life was in danger, they provided helicopters. Jairam said that if the Center has to do everything then what are you people for.

Jairam said – There is no legal provision to declare any disaster as a national disaster. There is no need to get confused in this word. Look at it proportionately. Got more help. Look at how much help has been provided during the UPA period. The issue of more help from the Center has been raised. Money is not available at the lower level. Eligible people are not getting it. Help is being given by saying that he is our old man. If amendments are made in the proposal. We are with it.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that it is a matter of approving roads worth Rs 2700 crore. These were delayed by three months. Who was blocking these roads? Get information about this also. As said by Vikramaditya Singh. Nothing has come yet from what Union Minister Gadkari said. The state government itself has given Rs 10 crore for NH.

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