Here is the ‘Magical Cave of Mysteries’, there are amazing views everywhere, the senses of those who saw such things were blown away!

Magical cave of secrets in UK: In a village in the United Kingdom (UK), there is a ‘magical cave of secrets’ under the ground, which leads to a breathtaking world, and inside it there is a labyrinth of paths. It is believed that this cave is five lakh years old. Very few people have seen the underground miracles inside it. There is only a small path to go inside this cave.

In which village is this cave located?According to the report of Dailystar, this cave is underground in Silken, a small village in North Wales, Flintshire. It remained untouched by people for hundreds of years, until people from the Northern Pennine Caving Club went inside it in 1978.

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What is the name of this cave?

Since then, many mysterious paths have been discovered inside this cave, due to which some surprising places have also been discovered inside this cave. Its Welsh name is Ogof Hen Ffynnonau, which in English means Cave of the Old Springs. This Also known as ‘Poacher’s Cave’,

Ian Adams, Secretary of the United Cavers Exploration Team (UCET) Told that a river used to flow inside the cave two and a half lakh years ago, which has now dried up. There is also evidence of there being a second floor below the main floor. ‘It’s an underground magical land of mysteries.’

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Many types of minerals found in the cave

Just below the entrance gate of the cave is a mine called Dyer Adit, where 19th and 20th century miners were unsuccessfully searching for lead. At the center of the cave is a stalagmite, an upward-moving mound of mineral deposits. Ian told that it was formed by slow dripping of calcium rich water from the ceiling of the cave. in the cave Fossils of sea creature limpets have also been found. Ian said, ‘The chamber is full of fossils, it is a marvel to the human eye.’ Apart from this, calcium nitrate has also been found in many parts of the cave. Which is also called moon milk.


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