Government rejected Moody’s claim, said- Aadhaar the most trusted digital ID in the world – Aadhaar the most trusted digital ID in the world Moodys Investors Service opinions baseless ntc

Aadhaar card is the world’s most trusted digital ID. Without providing any evidence against Aadhaar, Investor Service has made tall claims, which have no basis. This statement of the government has come after the claim of the international credit ranking agency Moody’s, in which the agency had raised questions on the credibility of Aadhaar.

The government said, ‘In the last decade, more than one billion Indians have used Aadhaar card more than 100 billion times to authenticate themselves. People trust Aadhar card. Ignoring the preferences of so many people means that the agency is trying to ensure that people know what will benefit them by using them.

No reference to primary data

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It has also been said by the government that the agency has not cited any primary or secondary data in its report. The agency did not attempt to ascertain the facts regarding the issues raised. In its report, the rating agency has stated the number of Aadhaar cards issued so far as 1.2 billion, which is wrong. This number is also available on the Aadhaar website.

The government has made it clear many times

The report of the credit agency states that due to the use of biometric technology, workers in India are denied services. For this he has given a reference to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). On this claim, the government said that the author of the report was not aware that the seeding of Aadhaar in the MNREGA database was done without the need to authenticate the workers using their biometrics. Under the scheme, payment to workers is also made by direct deposit of money. into their account and the worker does not need to authenticate using their biometrics.

Have given factual answers in Parliament

The government clarified that the report ignores that biometric submissions are also possible through contactless means such as facial authentication and iris authentication. Additionally, the option of mobile OTP is also available for many use cases. The report also said that there are security and privacy related shortcomings in the Aadhaar system. But factual answers have been given in this regard several times in Parliament.

IMF has appreciated

The government said that till date no breach has been reported from the Aadhaar database. Let us tell you that many international agencies including IMF and World Bank have appreciated the role of Aadhaar. Several nations have also engaged with the authority to understand how they can implement similar digital ID systems in their countries.

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