GHKKPM Upcoming Twist: Ishaan will fight with goons for Savi, Sulekha said such a disgusting thing

New Delhi: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: An interesting drama is seen every day in the story of ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’. Till now in the show, we have seen that after Kiran’s misbehavior, Savi beats her with a belt. After this she leaves her sister Harini and leaves at midnight to go to Isha ma’am’s house.



Savi will get into trouble

In the upcoming episode of 27th September, it will be shown that Savi is once again stuck in trouble. Actually, the auto by which Savi will go to Isha’s house will break down on the way. Meanwhile, on the way, he will meet some goons, who will forcefully pick up Savi and take him to an empty house. Savi will shout a lot, only then her voice will reach the ears of Ishaan who is passing through the same path and he will run to save the girl trapped among the goons.

Ishaan will become a hero for Savi

Ishaan will go to the same house and beat up the goons like a hero, but he will be shocked on seeing Savi. After this, a light argument will start between the two. Ishaan will scold her as to why she is roaming alone on the road so late at night. Savi will tell that she was going to Isha’s house and her auto broke down on the way. Then Ishaan himself will leave Savi with Isha.

Sulekha will provoke Ishaan

Further in this episode, we will see that Ishaan will come to Bhosle house and tell everything to the entire family. In such a situation, Sulekha will provoke him by asking how all this happens with Savi. Reminding her of the incidents involving Ayush and Savi’s brother-in-law Kiran, Ishaan will tell her that Savi must be lacking. She might be doing something that gives the boys a wrong hint. Hearing this from him, Ishaan will also start thinking. There will be more excitement in this upcoming episode.

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