Fox Newscaster botches pronunciation of Canucks, Boudreau

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You can’t always get it right.

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A Fox station anchor in Washington, DC drew the ire of hockey fans after he mispronounced the names of the Vancouver ice hockey team and its now deceased head coach.

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During a recent broadcast of the 11pm News on Fox 5 DC, host Tisha Lewis reported on the firing of Canucks coach Bruce Boudreau and the appointment of new coach Rick Tocchet.

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Lewis may not be familiar with the Canucks or the NHL in general, as they call Boudreau “Bow-dreau” (should be Boo-dreau), Canucks as “Can-nooks” (correctly Can-ucks), and Tocchet as “Too – ket” (rightly Tock-et).

“Former Washington Capitals coach Bruce Bow-dreau fired by Vancouver Can, Can-nukes? The team announced the change Sunday, less than a week after hockey division president Jim Rutherford said major surgery was needed to fix the can-nukes. Rick Tew-ket was hired to replace Bow-dreau,” said Lewis, per Awful Announcing.

Lewis – who, according to her online biography, has an extensive background in news (rather than sports) – reported the same message an hour later, repeating the same pronunciation errors.

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Hockey fans were quick to criticize the news anchor for her bad words.

“Why is it so hard to understand the correct pronunciation of teams and names on the air?” one he tweeted. “Have these people never heard of Google or YouTube? It takes less than two minutes. Unpardonable crimes.”

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“That’s what happens when you no longer have an athletic department or a full-time athletic anchor,” another are weighed.

“In April I will be living in DC… in case you need a sports announcer. No previous experience, but I know about sports.” another played.


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