Five-year-old boy becomes a police officer for a day after being surprised by motorcycle cops

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Harry Farrell became a volunteer motorcycle policeman for the day. (SWNS)

Touching images show how a five-year-old boy is given the chance to be a volunteer motorcycle policeman for a day after the loss of his father.

Videos of Harry Farrell senior officers on his local streets have gone viral on the internet, being viewed and shared thousands of times.

The five-year-old was heartbroken when his footballer father, Craig, died suddenly aged just 39.

The striker, who won three England U-16 caps and played for Carlisle United, York City and Whitby Town, died last May.

Harry, whose father died last year, asked Santa for an electric police motorcycle for Christmas. (SWNS)

Harry, who later dreams of becoming a police officer, asked Santa Claus for an electric police motorcycle for Christmas.

His dream came true when Durham Constabulary’s motorcycle department surprised him at his home.

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Footage and pictures show Harry, wearing a police uniform and hat, leading a four-man patrol through the streets of his home in Durham.

The student said, “I used my siren. I even got a badge.”

Durham Constabulary’s motorcycle department surprised Harry at his home. (SWNS)

The surprise was arranged by Harry’s mother, Emma Overton, who said: “Harry had a very tough year last year. Unfortunately his father died.

“He was a very good boy, so for Christmas Santa brought him the police bike he had asked for.

“One of the lovely ladies I used to work with contacted me because her husband was a traffic cop and said, ‘Would Harry like some real cops to visit?’

“It was such a nice surprise for him, he was completely shocked when all the officials turned up.

“He had a great time walking them down our street and posing for pictures with them.”

Harry Farrell was heartbroken when his former England youth footballer father Craig died suddenly aged just 39. (SWNS)

PC Phil Skevington, from Durham Constabulary’s motoring department, said: “After hearing about what Harry had been through last year we just wanted to help give him some joy and make him smile.

“We did a few laps around his cul-de-sac, posed for a few photos and gave him some memorabilia including Durham Roads and his Armed Police badge to add to his police vest.

“He took a lot of time – and so did we.

“It’s nice to be able to do something good for someone who has gone through such a difficult time recently, especially so young.”


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