Extravagant Italian clothing defeats facial recognition without masks

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They may be a little brutal on the eye, but Capable says the visually disorienting and expensive cotton cords are designed to throw off AI facial recognition systems by tricking learning systems with machines to make them believe that you are an animal and not a human.

There are many reasons why people do not want to be tracked by widespread facial recognition technology – for many people it is quite a dystopian thought that governments around the world now have access to systems that can identify and profile you simply by using video footage of surveillance cameras. And even in countries where governments have promised not to use it, the technology is so readily available to companies that can and will use it to target you with advertising.

You can fool most of these machines by wearing a mask, but the Turin-based fashion house, Capable, has come up with a creative solution that stops the AI ​​systems even when your face is fully exposed.

Designed as part of co-founder Rachele Didero’s PhD at the University of Milan, the Manifest collection uses a series of patterns that appear strange and extravagant to humans, but contain details and cues that trigger the systems of AI interpret your whole body in that way to describe. a zebra, a dog, or a giraffe rather than a human form, which doesn’t let them bother to analyze your face and find a match for your face.

The weird patterns trick algorithms like YOLO’s object recognition into thinking your whole body is an animal, so they don’t even look for a face to find it

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Didero tested the designs with YOLO (You Only Look Once), an object recognition system based on a neural network capable of quickly classifying objects in real-time video and recognizing faces when trained with a photo database.

On the one hand, we imagine it would be a pretty trivial project for a hostile government to right-click images on the Capable website and add them to their human-classified detection systems, disrupting such things pretty much instantly. Then again, it’s probably not worth your time; Capability sells the sweater pictured above for €420 ($460), so the technology is really only available to extremely well-heeled dissidents right now.

You can see some of the company’s YOLO reviews in the video below.

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